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What’s the Healthiest Way to Drink Coffee? Healthy Coffee Habits

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Beyond caffeine content, coffee is often noted for its antioxidant properties. However, caffeine is not always the best company to keep, depending on any health concerns you may have.

Of course, there are always ways to make coffee work for you, and to keep it as healthy as can be!

The healthiest coffee in the world isn’t just one coffee, it’s a genre of coffee that depends on how you source, brew, and drink your coffee.

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Choosing the Right Coffee

Choosing your coffee is where the journey starts. There are so many options, but the most important factor when it comes to choosing a coffee is the source.

Find a roaster with ethics that align with your own and you’ve got the first step down.

Next, choose a coffee that fits your health needs.

That could be organic, biodynamic, or conventional. It is important to note that some coffee farms operate on an organic basis, but are either transitioning to organic certification or cannot afford the certification.

Ask your local roaster about which coffee best suits your needs!

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Brewing the Right Coffee

How you brew your coffee makes a huge difference! Filtering your coffee well is a great way to ensure its healthiness.

The more you filter your coffee, the better it is for you!

In other words, you should favor methods like the Chemex, or a classic automatic coffee maker like the Bonavita One Touch, over methods such as cold brew or French Press.

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Healthy Coffee Habits

There are few healthy coffee habits that can make any coffee healthier and better for you! Follow these three easy tips and you’ll be on your way to a healthier coffee routine!

No Brews After Two (PM!)

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Caffeine is a great way to start your day, but, come the afternoon, it’s time to change the pace.

If you find yourself craving a hot beverage after two in the afternoon, consider a different option than coffee. Tea is a great way to curb your caffeine addiction and keep you going at a steadier pace.

Drinking coffee after two in the afternoon can interrupt your sleep schedule and keep you going longer than you want. When in doubt, go without!

Black is Best

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Drinking your coffee black is best of all! Avoid fatty milks, sugary creamers, artificial additives, and more by drinking your coffee black and bold. That means avoiding flavored coffees too.

Keep It Natural

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As we mentioned, flavored coffees are not the healthiest option out there. Most flavored coffees are altered with chemical additives, as well as large amounts of sugary flavoring materials to create the illusion of a particular flavor in your brew.

Stick to coffee in its natural state and enjoy the flavors that each bean has to offer. Try different origins, processing styles, and roast levels to create variety in your brews.

Moreover, organic certified coffees or coffees grown with organic and/or biodynamic methods are an excellent choice for avoiding pesticides and other icky additives.

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Healthy Coffee: Conclusion

Follow along with these simple tips and tricks for a healthy brew every day. Brewing your coffee hot and black means close to no calories or sodium, and zero grams of fat or sugar! Of course, there is still a wide variety of coffee out there for you to try and enjoy—making each cup of hot, black coffee another adventure.

If you’re looking for a place to start, check out our top picks for coffee here!

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