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Finland Coffee Guide: Consumption, Culture & More

Finland flag in coffee beans

It is no secret that the people of Finland have a loving relationship with coffee. Over the past few years, Finland has been leading the charge when it comes to coffee consumption. For several years, the Finnish drank more coffee per capita than any other nation. In 2020, the country lost this title to the Netherlands but ran a close 2nd place.

Why do the people of Finland love coffee so much? Which brew is their favorite? While the answers to these questions may give us a better insight into Finland coffee consumption, they can also help us learn more about their culture and what role coffee plays in it. Read on below to learn a few Finnish coffee stats so you can open your eyes to this coffee-loving culture and what they can teach the world.

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Finland Coffee Consumption

In a 2020 study done by Statista, Finns consumed an average of 7.8 kg (17 pounds) of coffee each over 12 months. Many people believe the Finnish consume so much coffee due to the colder climate in their country. With temps often dipping into negative numbers, the idea of the Finnish people coming home to a piping hot cup of coffee isn’t all that far-fetched.

While Finland has short summers, this is where iced coffee beverages thrive in the area. Yes, the people of Finland enjoy iced brew treats just as much as people in the United States, especially when the local temps are more enjoyable. Considering most people in Finland average roughly 8-9 cups of coffee a day, it’s expected that iced brews are a huge part of that list.

Coffee Culture in Finland

The people of Finland enjoy being social drinkers, especially when the beverage of choice is coffee. This doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a nice cup of coffee when they’re alone, but the opportunity to meet up with friends and family at the local coffee shop is simply hard for them to pass up.

With coffee being a centerpiece of get-togethers in Finland, it isn’t hard to imagine locals making pots of coffee each time company arrives. Visiting the home of a friend or family almost always includes a fresh pot of coffee in this neighborly country. In most homes, it is considered rude to leave without finishing a drink.

Coffee is also a major part of any celebration in Finland. The same can be said for ceremonies. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, or funeral, the Finnish people believe coffee is a centerpiece. Hosts may even find you rude if you say no to a cup of coffee when taking part in these events or visiting their homes.

Tasty treats are also a major part of coffee culture in Finland. The word “kakkukavhi” means coffee and cake, thus indicating the importance of combining food and coffee. Whether you stop by the local coffee shop for social interaction and your favorite coffee beverage, adding a sweet treat is just as customary in Finland as the coffee itself.

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Finland’s Preferences

While the people of Finland may love coffee, they still prefer things the old-fashioned way. Most coffee in this country is made by drip coffee makers. The makers usually reside in homes and workplaces making it easy for locals to grab themselves a cup of hot joe when needed.

Finland coffee is normally lightly roasted beans. The darker roasts and specialty coffees loved by other countries are just now gaining a bit of popularity in the country. The people of Finland still prefer the easy, smooth taste lighter roast coffees provide.

Espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos are relatively new drinks to the people of Finland. While they are available in many of the local coffee shops, many coffee lovers have never heard of them or prefer to stick with their drip coffee maker brews. This may change over time but Finland’s love of coffee will always be there.

Local Shops Are All the Rage

Yes, you will find a Starbucks or two in Finland, but the majority of the coffee shops in the country are local. These small shops appear on most corners around this beautiful company to make sure people can easily order a cup of their preferred coffee with no fuss when they are out and about.

Most coffee offered in these shops is on par with what the people of Finland prefer. Light roast coffees made from drip makers. You’ll also find tasty sweet treats available. While locals may have coffee shops they prefer or enjoy the social interaction more than others, most coffee shops in Finland are very similar to one another.

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Image Credit: K8, Unsplash

Coffee and the Workplace

Just like with other parts of their lives, coffee is a major part of Finnish people’s workday. For most, the day starts with a cup of coffee. While working, many carry a freshly brewed cup in their hands. After lunch breaks, coffee must be had. It’s also customary to enjoy at least two coffee breaks per work shift when on the job in Finland.

In most businesses in Finland, you’ll find a coffee maker playing host to a fresh pot of coffee for their workers to consume. Meetings, interviews, and conferences all include fresh coffee for those who are attending. When the workday is done, many colleagues get together for one last cup of joe before they head home to relax. Coffee is so important to the people of Finland that there is a written labor agreement that two coffee breaks should be offered per shift to employees.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, the people of Finland spend their days working, spending time with family and friends, and drinking as much coffee as they can. This tasty beverage is perfect for keeping them warm throughout the freezing temperatures of their harsh winters and for being the perfect accompaniment to hours of conversation. With the Finnish people’s preference for the simpler things in life, their love of light roast, tasty coffee isn’t unexpected. Perhaps the only thing that is shocking about Finland coffee culture is the mere amount of coffee Finns consume daily.

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