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Does Tim Hortons Have Almond Milk? Best Dairy-Free Drinks!

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Up to 1.2% of Canadians and 4.7% of Americans have a milk allergy.1 2 It should be no surprise that major coffee shops, such as Starbucks, offer milk alternatives to cater to coffee aficionados with allergies. Starbucks launched its first dairy alternative in 2004 and expanded to offer others like almond and oat milk at select locations in 2016 and 2018.

Tim Hortons, a mainstay in the Canadian coffee culture, was a little late jumping on the milk alternative chain, but they finally leaped just a few years ago. Yes, Tim Hortons offers almond milk. Keep reading to learn about Tim Hortons’ milk alternatives.

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When Did Tim Hortons Begin Offering Almond Milk?

In response to falling sales in profits in 2019, Tim Hortons announced they would be taking things back to basics in 2020 and focusing on improving their hot drink selection. This improvement included expanding their product line to offer almond milk.

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What Almond Milk Does Tim Hortons Offer?

There is no shortage of almond milk products on the market, so Tim Hortons had plenty of options to choose from when it decided to offer the milk alternative to its customers.

Tim’s decided to partner with Danone to serve Silk Almond Beverage. Jeremy Oxley, the Vice President of Marketing at Danone, says that their milk alternative doesn’t only taste good, but the fact that it’s dairy-, lactose-, soy-, and gluten-free may have been a deciding factor for the partnership.

In addition, their almond milk also contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals for a nutrient kick. According to the nutritional information, this product provides 42% of the daily value (DV) of vitamin B12, 31% of the DV of riboflavin, and 11% of the DV of vitamin A.

Does It Cost Extra to Add Almond Milk?

One of the biggest complaints from people who need alternative milk is that they need to pay extra in certain coffee shops. This is likely because plant-based milk often costs twice that of dairy milk.

Coffee shops like Starbucks do not charge for a splash of non-dairy milk. But, if you’re opting to get one of their hand-crafted hot beverages, like a latte or mocha, you’ll be looking at an additional charge. American Starbucks aficionados pay around 70 cents extra, and Canadian Starbucks fiends pay an 80-cent surcharge for a milk alternative.

Tim Hortons, like Starbucks, does not charge extra for patrons to add a splash of almond milk to their coffee or tea. However, if you would like to use almond milk for other beverages, such as iced cappuccinos, you’ll be looking at an additional surcharge, depending on location. You should expect to pay around 30 cents extra at Canadian locations and 50 cents at American.

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Can Every Drink Be Made With Almond Milk?

Sadly, no. Certain drinks at the coffee chain, such as the coffee mocha and the French vanilla cappuccino, are pre-pre-pared, meaning they cannot be customized in any way.

Does Tim Hortons Have Other Alternative Milk?

Tim Hortons rolled out its first alternative milk option in 2014. Soy milk was available in select stores throughout Canada for coffee, tea, iced coffees, iced lattes, and iced cappuccinos.

At the end of 2021, Tim Hortons announced they would be carrying Chobani’s oat milk at over 4,000 Canadian locations. Some stores in the United States have even begun carrying coconut milk options.

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Though Tim Hortons was a little slow to pull the trigger on offering milk alternatives, their many Canadian and American followers will be happy to know they can now have almond milk in many of their favorite beverages from Timmies.

Don’t stop there, though. Try your favorite drink with soy (or coconut milk if you’re an American) to see which you prefer.

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