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Does Tim Hortons Have Smoothies? Top Drink Options

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It was way back in 1964 when the first Tim Hortons opened its doors in Canada and changed how Canadians thought about coffee and donuts. Today Tim Hortons is the largest restaurant chain in the country, a Canadian institution, and truly an indelible part of the country’s history. Incredibly, over 80% of Canadians make a trip to Tim Hortons at least once a month. Tim Hortons serves smoothies to customers in both the Canadian and US markets. However, not all US or Canadian locations have smoothies on the menu.

That’s why, if you’re craving a smoothie, it is best to call your local Tim Hortons location to ensure they offer them. Now that you know that Tim Hortons sells smoothies, you might be interested to know more about the beloved Canadian coffee chain. What kind of smoothies does Tim Hortons offer, for example, and are the smoothies made with real fruit? To find out, read on. The answers to these delectable questions and several more are waiting for you below.

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When Did Tim Hortons Start Selling Smoothies?

Tim Hortons did not start out selling smoothies and, for decades, was known mostly for its coffee and donuts, much like Dunkin in the United States. In the mid-2010s, Tim Hortons started selling smoothies in its US locations but didn’t start selling them to the Canadian market until 2011. At the time, the marketing director for beverages at the company, Mr. Dave McKay, had this to say about offering smoothies at a restaurant known for coffee and donuts; “Canadians are snacking more, and they are looking for healthier snacks, so it’s a big business opportunity to launch smoothies in Canada.”

When they started selling smoothies, Tim Hortons offered two flavors, including their Strawberry Banana smoothie and Mixed Berry smoothie. They only offered one size, 10 ounces, and each smoothie had 130 calories and a full serving of what the company called “real fruit.” Both smoothies also came with 0 grams of fat.

What Flavors of Smoothie Does Tim Hortons Sell?

Tim Hortons has recently changed its menu and today offers two flavors of smoothie at some, but not all, of its Canada and U.S. locations. Those flavors include one of the original smoothie flavors, Strawberry Banana, and a new smoothie flavor, Pineapple Orange. The company took the Mixed Berry smoothie off of its menu, and it remains a discontinued item.

While the two smoothies Tim Hortons offers come pre-made, you can add several toppings at the counter when ordering, including whipped topping (regular or chocolate) and a shot of espresso.

Are the Smoothies at Tim Hortons Made With Real Fruit?

If you’re a stickler for knowing exactly what’s in your food, you might be curious to know if Tim Hortons uses real fruit in their smoothies. The answer to this question depends on your definition of “real fruit.” For example, if to you, “real fruit” means freshly cut, cubed, or peeled fruit tossed into your smoothie as it’s being made, Tim Hortons doesn’t use “real” fruit. That’s because all the fruit in their smoothies comes from fruit puree and juices.

Are fruit puree and juices made from real fruit? Yes, they are, but both are highly processed before they make their way into a smoothie at Tim Hortons and, for many, that’s “cheating.” Also, it’s well known that fruit juices and purees have a higher amount of sugar than real, fresh fruit, which is why Tim Hortons’ smoothies are relatively high in sugar.

In other words, there is actual fruit in a Tim Hortons smoothie, but it isn’t fresh-picked fruit that’s added when you order; it’s fruit juice and fruit puree that’s been pre-processed and added to their smoothie formula beforehand.

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How Much Sugar and Calories Are in a Tim Hortons Smoothie?

Tim Hortons offers three sizes of smoothies, and all three have different amounts of sugar. Also, the amount of sugar depends on which flavor of smoothie you choose. The pineapple orange smoothie has slightly more than the strawberry banana smoothie. The range is between 34 grams of sugar in the company’s small strawberry banana smoothie to 68 grams of sugar in its large pineapple orange smoothie.

A small strawberry banana smoothie has 170 calories, while a large pineapple orange smoothie contains 330 calories. Below is a table that details the rest of the nutritional info and amounts in a Tim Hortons’ smoothie.

Nutrition Comparison Table

Smoothie Flavor and Size Calories Carbs Sugar Fat Protein Sodium
Pineapple Orange Smoothie small 180 kcal 39 grams 38 grams 0 grams 5 grams 50 mg
Pineapple Orange Smoothie medium 260 kcal 56 grams 55 grams 0 grams 8 grams 75 mg
Pineapple Orange Smoothie large 330 kcal 71 grams 68 grams 0 grams 11 grams 95 mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie small 170 kcal 37 grams 34 grams 0 grams 5 grams 45 mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie medium 230 kcal 52 grams 47 grams 0 grams 8 grams 65 mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie large 300 kcal 68 grams 81 grams 0 grams 11 grams 85 mg

Are the Smoothies at Tim Hortons Considered Healthy?

Most food experts consider Tim Hortons’ smoothies relatively healthy. They have zero fat, which is a great start. All have 330 calories or less, with the lowest at 170. Their smoothies don’t have a great deal of protein, but that’s to be expected with a fruit smoothie. All are relatively low in sodium, also, although the larger sizes do have a relatively high amount of sugar.

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Did Tim Hortons Remove a Smoothie from Its Menu?

When Tim Hortons added smoothies to their menu in the late 2000s, one of the flavors was Mixed Berry. However, in 2014, the restaurant chain revamped its menu. It removed the Mixed Berry smoothie, leaving only 2 smoothies on its menu in Canada and U.S. locations, their Pineapple Orange and Strawberry Banana flavors.

In Canada, it seems that, for a time, Tim Hortons’ locations were also serving Peach Mango smoothies, but they have disappeared from the menu and were never offered in the US. In other words, yes, Tim Hortons has removed two flavors of smoothie from their menu over the years, but there are still two other flavors to choose from if you want a smoothie.

What Is Tim Hortons Known for Serving?

Tim Hortons has been a Canadian institution since 1964 that, when it opened, was focused on coffee and donuts. The company’s Original Blend coffee has today reached iconic status, as well as the company’s Timbits, which are very similar to Dunkin’s Munchkins. Today the restaurant chain serves a wide variety of other food items, including sandwiches, hash browns, mac & cheese, cookies, paninis, wraps, chili, and several others. Considering all the choices, coffee and donuts are still two of the best-selling items on Tim Hortons’ menu.

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What Is Tim Horton’s Reputation Among the Public?

While Tim Hortons has been a Canadian and US staple for decades and has always had a very good reputation, that reputation was besmirched a bit in the mid to late-2010s. The company was ranked #4 in Canada in 2017 by Leger’s 2017 Corporate Reputation Study.

However, Tim Hortons took a precipitous drop in 2018, as shown by Leger’s 2018 Corporate Reputation Study. That’s a drop of 46 spots, which retail food experts blame on several factors. One is the sale of the company to the Brazilian private equity firm 3G Capital and a reported drop in food quality thereafter. The company’s $700 million renovation plan was also a point of contention.

Are Smoothies Available at All Tim Hortons Locations?

Some Tim Hortons locations serve smoothies, and some don’t, both in Canada and the United States. To find out if the Tim Hortons near you sells smoothies, you can go online and check out their menu, call the restaurant, or visit it in person. To see the Tim Hortons location nearest you online and check if they sell smoothies, you’ll need to set up an account on their website. Don’t worry; it’s quick and easy.

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Tim Hortons’ smoothies are relatively healthy, with zero or no fat, low calories, and moderate amounts of sugar. Their smoothies come in three basic sizes, and online reviews about them from customers are positive. Smoothies were first introduced in Tim Hortons locations in the United States in the mid-2000s and introduced to the Canadian public in 2011. Best of luck finding one at the Tim Hortons near you!

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