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Does Dutch Bros Have Oat Milk? How to Order!

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As the world becomes more and more health-conscious, some people seek alternatives to the dairy that goes into their favorite coffee drinks. Many avid coffee drinkers go to Dutch Bros for their coffee fix and wonder if they carry oat milk. Yes, Dutch Bros now has oat milk.

The coffee chain added the non-dairy option to its menu in May 2020 at all of its 400 locations nationwide. You’ll have to pay an extra 50 cents to have oat milk added to your coffee, or you can order the company’s new Oat Milk Kicker Latte instead. We’ll discuss all you need to know about the oat milk at Dutch Bros and more.

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What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is milk made out of oats and water. It’s a dairy-free alternative and is great for people who are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to dairy.

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What Milk Options Does Dutch Bros Carry?

Oat milk isn’t the only milk option that Dutch Bros carries. They offer a wide variety, including almond milk, 2% milk, whole milk, chocolate milk, and coconut milk. You can order these in cold or hot beverages.

Is Dutch Bros Vegan-Friendly?

Dutch Bros is a vegan-friendly establishment. There are quite a few vegan-friendly foods in their display cases, and they have vegan-friendly drinks.

What Is in Dutch Bros Oat Milk?

Dutch Bros oat milk has few ingredients. It’s made with water, whole grains, and a bit of cane sugar. It contains no dairy, no artificial preservatives, and no fillers.

What Oat Milk Drinks Does Dutch Bros Offer?

You can ask for oat milk in any of the drinks that Dutch Bros sells. You can also order a couple of drinks that specifically contain oat milk. Some were released in 2021, and they’ve been steadily added to the menu since then. You can get the following oat milk drinks now:

  • Original Oat Milk Latte
  • Chocolate Oat Milk Latte
  • Caramel Oat Milk Latte
  • Cold Brew Kicker
  • Sugar-Free Peach Rebel
  • Oat Milk Kicker Latte

These are just a few of the oat milk drinks that have been added to the Dutch Bros menu. Remember, however, you can always order oat milk in the other beverages.

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Dutch Bros is a successful coffee shop with many mouthwatering options, including coffee, tea, lemonade, and food. Adding oat milk to their menu makes it easy for coffee lovers who are lactose-intolerant, have milk allergies, or do not like the taste of milk to have their coffee with something they can tolerate and enjoy. Dutch Bros also offers alternatives to dairy and oat milk, so if oat milk is not for you, there is sure to be something on the menu that is.

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