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Coffee With Oat Milk: What You Need to Know!

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If you have visited a coffee shop lately, you may have noticed that oat milk is offered as a non-dairy option for teas and coffees. In the past, this option was not readily available. Luckily, it has become not only a coffee shop favorite but a preferred choice of many homes around the world.

For those who’ve never tried a splash of oat milk in their coffee, making the change may be slightly nerve-wracking. Who wants to add something they may not enjoy to their morning cup of joe? So, what are the benefits of making the switch?

If you’re ready to give coffee with oat milk a shot, there are a few things you should know. Let’s learn more about this milk alternative and how it can change things when it comes to your coffee.

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What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a milk alternative that is slightly sweet tasting and well-balanced. To make this tasty milk, oats are harvested and then mixed with water. The mixture is blended or milled to make a liquid that is quite thick. Enzymes are added to the liquid to naturally sweeten the milk and help break down unwanted carbohydrates. The milk is then strained to remove any thick or hardened fibers. When the liquid is free of particles, additional vitamins and minerals can be added as well. The result is a slightly thicker, yet smooth, liquid that is then pasteurized, or heated, to remove any impurities. Once that process is finished, the result is oak milk.

This is a great alternative for people who want to avoid the lactose found in traditional milk.

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What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?

Now that you know what oat milk tastes like, let’s take a look at an even bigger question. What does oat milk taste like? Milk alternatives are often hit or miss when it comes to a person’s preferences and flavor palettes. Oat milk, as you’d expect, is rich and creamy. When it comes to the mouthfeel, it is considered by many to be more similar to regular milk than other dairy-free options on the market.

Oat Milk is sweet, but only slightly. This milk alternative doesn’t taste overly sugary like some of its counterparts. Of course, this may depend on the particular brand you choose. Some brands add sugar in hopes of improving the taste. One thing that is consistent with most brands of oat milk, however, is the slight oaty taste you’ll enjoy after having a glass.

Oat Milk in Coffee

When it comes to your coffee, oat milk is quite similar to normal cow’s milk. When you want to lower the bitterness and add a bit of cream to your coffee, oat milk can step in. You can also use oat milk in coffee drinks. People are choosing to request oat milk to prepare their chai lattes, iced lattes, nitro lattes, iced mochas, you name it—as an alternative to regular cow’s milk. Some companies are even making ready-to-drink coffee drinks made from oat milk. There are even certain oat milk specially made for use in coffee shops.

You may be curious whether oat milk can be used as easily when it comes to foam or coffee art. The answer to that is yes. Oat milk heats faster than cow’s milk so close attention should be paid to the temperature when heating. Many baristas also suggest you leave the steamed oat milk sitting for a bit before using it so there is a better balance between your coffee and oat milk.

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Why Is Oat Milk Gaining Popularity?

If you’ve never heard of oat milk, don’t feel bad. Many people haven’t. What’s strange about this lack of knowledge is the fact oat milk has been commercially available for more than 20 years. So, why is there such a sudden uptick in the discussion about this milk alternative? One thing that could be aiding oat milk in its fight to be noticed is specialized diets like veganism or dairy-free lifestyles. With more and more people turning to this type of lifestyle and dietary requirements, they are seeking vegan-safe milk alternatives. Oat milk is an option that not only adheres to what they need but also tastes great in the process.

Oat milk’s impact on the environment is another reason many are using it as a substitute for cow’s milk. In comparison to the process and the environmental needs to produce dairy milk, oat milk is far less damaging to the environment. You’ll notice that less land is needed as well as less water, and that the entire process of making oat milk is considered to be more sustainable than traditional milk sources.

Delicious Oat Milk Latte
Oat milk lends dairy-free creaminess to a classic latte -- and luckily, oat milk lattes are truly easy to make! Add a splash of maple syrup or honey for a slightly richer taste.
Try this delicious recipe!
oat milk latte


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Wrapping Up

As you can see, oat milk is making its mark and is here to stay. This is a good thing for coffee lovers who want to add a non-dairy milk alternative to their cups. You can enjoy a similar consistency and flavor to regular cow’s milk while bypassing any impacts of consuming dairy products. If you’re still on the fence about how oat milk will taste in your coffee, give it a shot. You may love the sweet taste and creaminess it provides just as much as we do.

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