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Chewable Coffee Cubes: Worth Trying? Taste, Benefits & Effects

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Many of us have a Gilmore Girl-type addiction to coffee. In other words, we will take it in a mug, in a vat, or even in an IV if we can get it. However, we’ve never considered drinking or eating our coffee in a chewable coffee cube.

Yep, chewable coffee cubes, it’s a thing. So, how many cups of coffee does it take to get you going in the morning? One? Two? How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? Two? Six? Eight? Perhaps the whole pot?

Whatever your answer to the questions above, no one can deny that for coffee addicts, coffee is a massive part of our lives. But, what if we could get that caffeine fix by just chewing a coffee cube? Would we? In our article below, we’ll tell you what we know about chewable coffee cubes and then let you decide if they’re the right choice for your lifestyle.

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What Are Chewable Coffee Cubes?

The idea behind chewable coffee cubes is simple. Instead of putting coffee in a mug and drinking it, you put the cubes in your pocket to chew when you feel the need for a caffeine boost. In most cases, each cube has 50 mg worth of caffeine, and they often come in packs of four, which translates to maybe two cups of coffee.

Most come in three different flavors, mocha, pure drip, and latte. The flavor, of course, might depend on where you get your chewable coffee cubes and the brand you buy. The price is going to vary as well, according to the size you buy, the brand, and where you buy the box from.

Kopiko Coffee Candy Blister Pack

The Taste

The taste is going to depend on the flavor you purchase, but all of the cubes have a strong flavor to them. Whether it is a latte, mocha, or pure drip, you can expect it to be strong. If you have no problem chewing your coffee in the mornings, then the cubes might very well become your go-to in a hurry.

However, it’s important to note that it’s not just about caffeine for many of us coffee addicts. Instead, it’s about the ritual of that first-morning mug of coffee or going into the local coffee shop to hang out with friends to drink that evening cup of joe.

The Effects

These cubes do seem to give you that jolt of energy you’ve come to expect from a good cup of coffee. If you’re sitting at your desk in the afternoon, feeling that after lunch drain setting in, then the caffeine kick from these chewable coffee cubes will undoubtedly take care of that. The caffeine effect kicks in instantly, which is nice if you’re super tired.

The Benefits

While not the same as a cup of coffee for most of us, there are quite a few benefits to chewable coffee cubes. They satisfy that need for a quick jolt of caffeine and energy, as well as being easy to travel with. If you’re on a day trip and don’t feel like pulling over for a mug of coffee in a strange town, then these cubes work great. The cubes also don’t stain your teeth the way that coffee does, which is a major benefit for many. They’re also quite a bit cheaper than hitting up your local Starbucks on a regular basis.

In conclusion, our opinion on chewable coffee cubes is that they’re great if you’re in a rush or stuck at your desk on a Friday afternoon and in desperate need of a caffeine rush. However, nothing can stand up to the fragrant smell and bold taste of a freshly brewed mug of coffee, in our humble opinion. Have you tried chewable coffee cubes?

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