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The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Candy

coffee candy

Coffee lovers everywhere can rejoice- coffee candy is a real thing, and it is a delicious treat that tastes like your favorite drink in the world. Whether you prefer your coffee strong, light, and sweet, or a little bit of both, there’s a coffee candy out there for you. There are many great coffee candies on the market that range in flavors and texture, but they are all super delicious and ready for you to enjoy. If you are looking to try some coffee candy and you’re not sure where to start, here’s our coffee lover’s guide to coffee candy:

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Our 4 Favorite Kinds of Coffee Candy

1. Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy

The Coffee Candy Store Brazilian Coffee Candy

Florestal’s Brazilian Coffee Candy is a melting, hard candy that contains around 25mg of caffeine and natural coffee flavors, showcasing the authentic taste of Brazilian candy. As you start sucking on it and eating it, the coffee candy will begin to melt in your mouth. Hailing from Brazil, the top coffee-producing country in the world, Florestal’s Brazilian Coffee Candy is rich in coffee flavor, without the fake chocolate or mocha flavor that a lot of coffee-flavored candies usually have. It’s also not overly sweet, so this is a great coffee candy if you don’t like super sweet candy or coffee.

2. Coffee Rio Coffee Candy

Coffee Rio Original Roast Gourmet Candy

Coffee Rio Coffee candy is chewy coffee candies, combining real coffee and real dairy into one decadent, melty bite. These candies come in four flavors: original coffee roast, café latte, Kona coffee, or Irish crème mint. Coffee Rio candies have a chewy, melting texture with rich, sweet flavors. We recommend the original roast flavor, but all four flavors will have you grabbing for more. This is the best option for coffee lovers that enjoy sweeter coffee shop drinks, especially the latte-flavored Coffee Rio candies.

3. Bali’s Best Coffee Candy

Bali's Best Espresso Candy

Bali’s Best Coffee Candy is a hard candy with an authentic, rich coffee flavor experience. Made with real Sumatran coffee, these gourmet coffee candies have impeccable coffee flavors. Bali’s Best comes in three flavors: coffee, latte, and espresso, with the latte and espresso flavors containing a smooth, creamy filling. They’re sweeter than most coffee candies, so they may be too sweet for coffee lovers that prefer more of a bold, dark coffee taste. Bali’s Best candies also contain around 10-16mg caffeine, which is an important aspect of coffee candy.

4. Kopiko Coffee Candy

Kopiko Candy Variety Pack

Kopiko coffee candy is a hard candy from Indonesia, which has a strong coffee flavor profile and over 20mg of caffeine in each piece. Kopiko candies come in cappuccino and coffee flavors, both of which are incredibly tasty and complex. The cappuccino flavor is sweeter and has more of a creamy, dairy flavor profile, with a gourmet espresso base. The coffee flavor is closer to black coffee and with a touch of sweetness that melts in your mouth. Kopiko Coffee candies are some of the best coffee candies on the market, but they’re not as sweet as other brands.

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Coffee Candy Wrapped Up

There are a lot of coffee-flavored candies that simply don’t live up to their hype, but our guide is here to bring forth the authentic coffee candy experience. The list of coffee candies above contains some of the best-tasting candies with real coffee in them, caffeine and all. We recommend trying them all, but the Floresta Brazilian Coffee Candy is a great place to start. If you’re sick of fake coffee-flavored candies that taste like chemicals and sugar, our guide should help you find that real java flavor profile in candy form.

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