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Can You Grow Coffee in Florida? Facts & Tips for the Best Coffee

coffee plant in florida

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and is easily one of the most visited vacation destinations in the United States. You will find people, lovely oranges, and lots of wildlife abound when visiting this beautiful place. But what about coffee? Will you find coffee growing in Florida? Unfortunately, coffee is only grown in certain states of the US, namely Hawaii and California, but does that mean it can’t be grown anywhere else? Can you grow coffee in Florida? Actually, yes, you can.

Let’s learn more about the growing of coffee in Florida and whether this sunny state could be the next big thing in the world of coffee.

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Growing Coffee in Florida

While it may not be grown commercially in Florida, that doesn’t mean that people are not giving coffee a go. At home, many are growing their own Arabica or Robusta coffee with great success. A lot of this success is thanks to the temperature in Florida.

Coffee plants like things a particular way, especially the Arabica variety. These plants prefer temperatures between 60 and about 80 degrees. When the weather cools, it is best to not allow the plants to be exposed to anything lower than 45 degrees. For plants grown outside, that means having a safe place to put them when the weather isn’t favorable.

It’s also important to remember that coffee plants shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. In normal growing situations, the plants are normally protected by other trees and the canopies they create. With the intense summers in Florida, this may be difficult but should be doable. You also need to keep your soil in mind. Coffee plants like acidic soil with good drainage. If you’re growing a small plant inside your home, make sure to choose the right pot. If doing so outside, test your soil before getting started.

arabica coffee berries in Florida
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Commercial Coffee Growing in Florida

While it isn’t happening yet, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t being looked into. With the potential of new income for the state in play, researchers already have studies underway to determine whether large-scale coffee production is feasible and whether the coffee grown would be of good quality. By using small cameras that watch the roots while the coffee plants grow, a team at The University of Florida is hoping that coffee will be the next novel crop in the state.

The research team is not only dedicated to learning whether coffee plants can grow in Florida’s climate, but they are also planning on roasting batches of coffee raised in the state for a taste test. They are hoping that the coffee is both tasting and hardy, which could make Florida the home of your next cup of coffee.

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Florida Coffee: Final Thoughts

As you can see, growing coffee in Florida is possible. The big question is whether it can be sustainable and produce a taste that coffee lovers around the world will love. While dreams of money and success are good, the idea of producing a bad cup of coffee could break a company, even a state. Hopefully, all the research will conclude and we’ll find out whether coffee is going to set up home in Florida.

Featured Image Credit: Sunshower Shots, Shutterstock


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