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Can You Drink Coffee With Invisalign? Tips Know When Wearing Them

Invisalign and a cup of coffee

You are allowed to drink coffee while you are receiving Invisalign treatment. However, you should always remove the Invisalign retainer before eating or drinking, with the exception of water. Drinking coffee with your Invisalign retainers in can cause stains and permanent damage to the plastic.

For a more comprehensive answer about why you should not drink coffee while wearing an Invisalign retainer, keep reading. This article explains the proper use of your Invisalign as it pertains to drinking hot drinks, such as coffee.

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Can I Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on what you are asking. If you are asking whether or not you can drink coffee while receiving Invisalign treatment, you will be happy. You can still drink coffee while you are undergoing treatment with an Invisalign retainer.

The answer varies if you are talking about drinking coffee with the retainers directly in your mouth. You should not ever drink coffee while the retainer is actively in your mouth. Instead, remove the retainer before drinking your coffee. Once you are finished, brush your teeth and put the retainer back on.

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What Happens If I Drink Coffee With Invisalign?

You must always remove your Invisalign retainers before eating and drinking. Because of the tannins and dark color of coffee, drinking coffee while wearing your retainers can cause stains to appear. Given that you have to wear Invisalign retainers for 22 hours of the day, the last thing you want is to stain your retainers and make your teeth appear dark.

Furthermore, drinking hot coffee can be dangerous to the Invisalign retainers. These retainers are made from plastic, so they are perfectly fitted to your teeth. The hot coffee temperature can warp the retainers so that it is not effective anymore. This truth applies to any hot drink or food, including tea, hot chocolate, and soup.

Even though iced coffee will not bend the plastic, you still want to stake the retainers off since the coffee can and will stain the clear plastic.

What if I Have Already Drunk Coffee in My Invisalign?

If you have already drank hot coffee while wearing your Invisalign retainer, don’t panic. Drinking coffee once is not going to cause serious stains. It’s also unlikely to permanently damage your retainer.

Just make sure to brush your Invisalign retainer to ensure stains are adequately removed. Additionally, talk to your dental provider to ensure the Invisalign is still effective and working as it should. For future reference, stop drinking coffee while wearing your Invisalign.

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When in Doubt, Take It Out!

Because drinking coffee while wearing your Invisalign retainer can cause unsightly stains and permanent damage, it’s best to take your retainer out whenever you are drinking coffee. More so, take off your retainers anytime you are eating or drinking. The only substance you can consume without removing your Invisalign retainers is plain water.

The good news is that maintaining your Invisalign retainers while eating and drinking is easy. Just pop the retainers out anytime you eat or drink. After you’re finished, brush your teeth and pop the retainers back in.

Remember, you need to wear the Invisalign retainers 22 hours out of the day. Removing the Invisalign to finish your morning cup of Joe leaves plenty of time for your teeth to be corrected!

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