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Can You Drink Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal? The Facts

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After having your wisdom teeth removed, the tooth socket must develop scar tissue and heal properly after any tooth extraction. Hot or carbonated drinks can irritate the gums and interfere with the recovery process. Even iced coffee isn’t the safest beverage because of the caffeine and acidity in any type of coffee. In short, coffee after wisdom teeth surgery isn’t a good idea. The good news is if you’re healing correctly, you should be able to resume your daily cup in about five days post-surgery. Continue reading to learn more about drinking coffee after wisdom teeth removal.

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Why Coffee Isn’t a Good Idea After a Tooth Extraction

Some dentists say it’s the caffeine. Others say it’s the acidity that can create a dry socket or the hot temperature that can irritate your gums. Regardless, healthcare professionals are fairly unanimous that you shouldn’t drink any type of coffee immediately following surgery. The wisest thing to do is wait about five days to enjoy your favorite cup again if you’re healing correctly.

You should also avoid carbonated beverages and alcohol. These drinks are even worse than coffee because of their acidity. Alcohol should be avoided for a couple weeks post-surgery because it can damage the healing site and dehydrate your body. Your focus for the next few days should be on hydrating and healing so that you can return to your life with as few complications as possible.

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What’s Safe to Drink After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The most recommended drinking option after surgery is (you guessed it) good old water. Some other ideas include finely blended smoothies, fruit juice, vitamin enhanced water, and Gatorade. Whatever you choose to eat or drink in the crucial few days following your operation, make sure they’re smooth, not crunchy or able to get stuck in your teeth and gums. Try to opt for nutritious food to give your body some natural recovery fuel and stay hydrated for best results.

Remember to never drink anything with a straw immediately after a tooth extraction! Your gums are trying to clot and become accustomed to the missing tooth. The straw could accidentally puncture the socket and cause pain and delayed healing.

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Though you should wait a few days after surgery before enjoying a delicious brew, rest assured that you should be able to enjoy your favorite beverage within a week following surgery. You’ll appreciate the rich, earthy aromas of coffee even more after your medically induced “coffee break” and that first cup post-recovery will taste so good for the wait.

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