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10 Best Teas at Dutch Bros in 2024: Ranked & Reviewed!

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When you hear the name Dutch Bros, you instantly think of coffee. While they serve great coffee and amazing coffee beverages, the Dutch Bros tea menu is something you need to see to believe. If you are in the mood for a great taste, less caffeine than coffee, and something new, this list of the 10 best teas at Dutch Bros can get you started on a new flavor journey you’ll love. Take a look below to find your new favorite tea so you can tell all your friends.

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The 10 Best Teas at Dutch Bros:

1. OG Gummy Bear Paris Tea

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Image credit: Battlecreek Coffee Roasters, Unsplash

When you’re in the mood for a tea that is packed with flavor, a Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear Paris Tea is your answer. This drink uses black tea as the base and adds pomegranate syrup, watermelon, grapefruit, and passion fruit to make a fruity mix that is bursting with delicious flavor. If you aren’t a fan of caffeine, you can even ask for a substitute tea to make this drink suitable to your needs.

2. Sweet Sunrise Paris Tea

For a tasty, nutritious tea the Sweet Sunrise Paris Tea is a great choice. Another fruity concoction, this summer hit is black tea infused and adds peach, orange, banana, and passion fruit. You’ll get all the benefits each of the added fruits offers plus the benefits drinking tea normally provides.

3. Tropical Tea

Whether you’re a fan of iced tea or prefer it hot, a Dutch Bros Tropical Tea will always hit the spot. This drink can be made using black tea, or green tea for those who want lower amounts of caffeine and the added benefits of green tea. The fruits in this tea are coconut and passion fruit with a bit of blue raspberry syrup added for an additional boost of flavor.

4. Green Tea Lemonade

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Image Credit: Laårk Boshoff, Unsplash

For those out there that love the mix of tea and lemonade, Green Tea Lemonade is a great-tasting option. This drink is light and full of flavor. You’ll also love the energy boost you get from green tea. This is a great option for a hot summer day when you’re ready to hit the beach.

5. Marmalade Tea

The refreshing Marmalade Tea has a fruity, yet floral flavor palette to ensure you get everything you love. Made with ruby red grapefruit, strawberries, and orange this tea is zesty and flavorful. It’s a great choice whenever you want tea with a bit of a bite.

6. Passion Water Green Tea

Dunkin Refreshers pink iced tea drink
Image credit: Jorge Fernández Salas, Unsplash

While it may sound basic, this drink is anything but. The mixture of passion water and green tea offers a great flavor when you’re in the mood for tea. This drink is often referred to as an upgraded version of the Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade. If you’re in the mood for a real treat, you should definitely give it a try.

7. Horchata Chai

Fruity teas aren’t for everyone. If you’re one of those people, don’t feel left out. The Horchata Chai is a fall favorite that uses the perfect amount of spice. You’ll also love that you can choose your own milk or go with a dairy-free option if that’s what you prefer when enjoying chai tea.

8. Rocky Point

red iced tea in tall glass
Image credit: Crystal Huff, Unsplash

The Rocky Point is another flavorful tea found on the Dutch Bros menu. This tea used blackberry, coconut, peach, and orange to give you a tropical fruity explosion in your mouth. Like most teas on the menu, it is made featuring black tea but you can easily switch things up if that’s what you prefer.

9. Dutch Mojito

While fruity teas are a big hit, adding a little something extra can result in an explosion of flavor. That’s what the Dutch Mojito offers. Infused with black tea, this drink adds coconut, lime, and crème de menthe to give you a flavorful experience you’ll be sure to remember.

10. Earl Grey Tea

earl grey tea in a tea cup
Image Credit: stux, Pixabay

If a mixture of fruity flavors isn’t up your alley, don’t worry, Dutch Bros has you covered. Their Earl Grey Tea features black tea flavored with bergamot oil. This classic tea is a great option when you want to unwind but aren’t in the mood for something over the top.

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As you can see, Dutch Bros is a true powerhouse when it comes to coffee and tea. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying one of their flavorful concoctions, don’t wait. The fruity, tropical, spiced beverages on this list can easily fulfill your cravings while ensuring you enjoy every moment of sipping your tea.

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