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14 Best Online Coffee Classes to Try Today: Free & Paid Options!

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If you want to learn more about coffee, there is an online class you can start today. Whether you are an amateur looking to learn something new, or you want to take the next step to become a barista, you can find a class online to suit your needs.

Below, we have found 14 online classes. We have broken them up into professional, amateur-friendly, and free. We will share the detail on each course, where to find them, and how you can get started right away. We’ll show you five professional barista online classes, three beginner online coffee classes, and six free online coffee classes. Let’s get started!

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The 5 Professional Barista Online Classes

1. Advanced Coffee Making

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Experienced to Professionals $149 30 hours of video, final tests, lifetime access to training, toolkit, spreadsheets, Barista Hustle Accredited Certificate

Advanced Coffee Making is a certification program designed for experienced baristas looking to take their career to the next level. This course is part of Barista Hustle (which we will go over later). They offer over 30 hours of video classes along with all the materials you need to keep track of your progress. Classed include grind size, temperature and flow, refractometry, brewing lessons, and much more. You don’t need any equipment, and you get lifetime access to the material. Once you have completed the course, you will receive an accredited certificate from Barista Hustle. You need to score 85% or higher to receive the recognition, however.

  • 30 hours of courses
  • Testing and progress tracking material
  • BH certification
  • Lifetime access
  • Requires a score of 85 or higher to receive certification

2. Udemy

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Image Credit: ClaroCafe, Pixabay
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Intermediate to Experienced Courses start at $14.99 Various classes from high-ranking professionals, bonus tips and tricks, certificates, lifetime access to material

Udemy is an overall learning platform that offers a wide range of coffee and barista courses from latte art to how to make a living repairing espresso machines. You can purchase courses individually, and you receive a certificate of completion once you complete each course. The material is taught by some of the best baristas in the world. You can expect to learn the history of coffee, brewing methods, latte art, and extraction; plus, you get tips on how to manage your workstation and beginner mistakes to avoid. Strong wifi with a newer PC is recommended.

  • Multiple classes
  • Extra tips and tricks
  • Professional teachers
  • Individual course process
  • Platform is unstable with older PC and Windows

3. Skillshare

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Beginners to Professional $99.99 a Year Biggest courses resource, professional teachers, in-depth classes, offline availability, student projects

Skillshare is the largest and most popular learning platform. They offer coffee courses that range from in-depth to quick and easy. An aspiring barista will learn all they need to know about espresso, while an experienced shop owner will be able to hone their skills, as well. Some of the courses include latte art, the history of coffee, cupping methods, the brewing process, and advanced espresso brewing practices. Teachers on this platform are professionals with verified backgrounds. You can set up your courses to take offline, as well. Unlike the other choices, you only have access to the courses if you’re a member of Skillshare.

  • Multi classes available
  • Professional teachers
  • Offline courses
  • In-depth or quick courses
  • Access for members only

4. Barista Hustle

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Experienced to Professional $15.99 per Month Online courses, podcasts, live events, digital tools, professional teachers, certificates, student/teacher engagement

Barista Hustle is the premier of online coffee classes. There is a platform that allows you to enroll monthly and take courses at your leisure. Or you can enroll for a single course such as the Advanced Coffee Making course we talked about above. The affordable plan, along with the in-depth teaching is the perfect backdrop for baristas in training to learn water chemistry, brewing techniques, coffee making recipes, along with many others. Upon completion, students also receive a Barista Hustle certificate. The only drawback is you only have access to the learning material while you’re a member unless you purchase the course.

  • Wide range of courses
  • Affordable
  • Professional teachers
  • Interactive teaching
  • Access only while a member

5. Bellissim Online Barista Training

Image Credit: Matt Hoffman, Unsplash
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Intermediate to Experienced $49.95 per Month Online courses, Interactive sessions, learning materials, professional teachers, webinars, videos, membership access

Online Barista Training is a learning platform developed to give aspiring baristas and coffee shop owners the tools they need to achieve their goals. Taught by Bruce Miletto, an expert with extensive experience, each class is designed to teach the student to be a top-level barista. Classes available include manual coffee brewing, espresso recipes, latte art, milk steaming procedures, and workstation maintenance. There are also many videos, learning tools, and resources available to help along the way. A certificate of completion is granted at the end, but your access to the material is only available while students maintain their membership. Additionally, Bellissim Barista Training is one of the more costly monthly membership fees.

  • In-depth courses
  • Certification
  • Interactive classes
  • Extra resources
  • Professionally taught
  • Access through membership only
  • More expensive

The 3 Beginner Online Classes:

6. Coffee Pro

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Beginner to Experienced $499.95 per Year Beginner-friendly professional courses, outside courses, self-paced curriculum, professionally taught, lifetime course access

Coffee Pro is a set of classes that can turn an amateur coffee lover into an effective and professional barista. This online course was designed for this concept plus giving beginners the knowledge to become cuppers. The curriculum consists of 12 courses you can take at your own pace, and you will receive a certificate when you are done. Areas of study include but are not limited to coffee analytics, roasting methods, grinding concepts, and understanding the espresso machine. Although this online course is expensive, you have lifetime access to the material. Plus, this is a great option for beginners as the classes are taught in beginner-friendly language with the jargon explained throughout the course.

  • 12 at your own pace courses
  • Beginner-friendly classes
  • Outside course access
  • Certificate on completion
  • Expensive

7. Virtual College

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Beginner to Intermediate $22.00 per Month Beginner classes, international certificates, live sessions, interactive teaching, professional-level learning

Virtual College allows you to develop skills as a barista from coffee experts across the globe. They offer classes that go from being beginner-friendly to professional. A few of their popular courses are latte art, necessary equipment, coffee pouring procedure, coffee recipes, milk steaming techniques, brewing methods, etc. Some aspects of the learning process like whether you will have lifetime access to the material depend on the individual course. Not only that, but some of the teachers have also not been verified for professional status. Be that as it may, the robust curriculum provides the necessary information to go from beginner to professional. As with the other courses, a certificate is also awarded once the course is done.

  • Beginner to professional classes
  • International courses available
  • Certification
  • Affordable
  • Not all teachers are verified

8. Barista One

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Beginner to Experienced $149 20-hour course, 40 videos, 50 online sessions, professionally taught, lifetime access, quizzes and progress tools

Barista One is taught by professional barista Matt Perger. The main portion of the platform is a 20-hour course that takes you from novice material to professional barista instruction. Beyond that, there are more than 40 videos and 50 sessions you can review. Once done, you will have a participation certificate outlining your achievements. You will have lifetime access to the current and updated material. Along the way, you will find quizzes and other tools that help you determine your progress. It is a bit more money for courses on milk texture, latte art, coffee culture, and the basics of espresso drinks. That being said, the information is done at your pace in easy-to-understand language.

  • Professional teacher
  • Numerous learning materials
  • Certificate
  • Progress tools
  • Expensive for basic classes

The 6 Free Online Coffee Classes

Not every coffee class online requires your card number. There are some excellent free courses you take participate in to grow your barista knowledge. Some of the options we mentioned above offer either free classes or a free trial so you can try out the course before you make a purchasing decision. Let’s take a look at some below.

9. Skillshare

Designed For Free Courses Free Trial
Beginners to Experts No 30-day Free Trial

As of August 2021, Skillshare no longer offers free courses as it did previously. They made the change to avoid confusion and reiterate the platform as a premium learning space. That being said, Skillshare still understands that students want to get an idea of the learning atmosphere before committing. They offer a month’s free membership so you can explore the site. Some teachers can also provide “free access” to specific courses they teach on the site, but that is at the teacher’s decreation, and they can change it away from free at any time.

10. Barista Hustle

Designed For Free Courses Free Trial
Beginners to Experts Yes 14-Day Free Trial

Barista Hustle is another option from above that provides a few free courses. For example, one of the newer free courses is about being a barista or shop owner in our time of climate change. Outside of the courses, Barista Hustle offers free resources such as their blog to give coffee lovers insight into coffee culture. While there are a few courses available you don’t have to pay for, you will be hard-pressed to get complete coffee training without making a purchase. There is a free individual unlimited 14-day trial you can try, however.

11. The Web Grind

Designed For Free Courses Free Trial
Beginners Yes N/A

The Web Grind offers a free Barista course you can take online. Designed for the beginner, it’s a great introduction to the barista world. It’s also a great way to get your toes wet if you’re unsure whether being a barista is for you. This course is a mixture of reading materials and videos. It covers all the basics such as basic espresso drinks, how to make them, a deep dive on coffee beans, milk frothing, latte art, and machine care. While it’s not the most in-depth course, it definitely covers all the basics in detail. Plus, it was written and taught by a professional working in the coffee field.

12. Udemy

Designed For Free Courses Free Trial
Beginner to Intermediate Yes N/A

Udemy is another paid option we mentioned above. In this case, however, they also offer many free courses baristas can take. Some of their popular options include 3D latte art and how to make the perfect cup. Keep in mind, the free courses change on Udemy, and they do not offer a certificate once complete. Still, if you’re looking to gain knowledge or brush up on your skills, this is a great place to start. Besides the free courses, ever so often Udemy offers a free trial. They also regularly mark down the prices of their courses.

13. Open Learning

Designed For Free Courses Free Trial
Beginner to Intermediate Yes N/A

Open Learning is a great way to learn the basics and a bit more for free. Their Coffee Basics class covers the history of coffee, coffee production, the brewing process, and more. This is also an interactive course where you can share your opinions and learn with coffee lovers from around the world. Group discussions about different kinds of coffee, their health effects, and sharing opinions of various cafe menus are also part of the curriculum. Brought to you by Sunway University, the course is made up of bright, happy, and intelligent coffee students.

14. Alison

Credit: Iam_Anupong, Shutterstock
Designed For Free Courses Free Trial
Intermediate to Professional Yes N/A

One aspect of coffee that is often overlooked is the fact that coffee is a food/beverage. As it is so, food and drink safety are important. Alison offers a free diploma course in food safety that is important if you wish to work as a barista. Working as such involves more than just pulling espressos, and this class will fill you in on the standard all cafes and coffee shops are required to meet. There are eight modules to go through that range from personal hygiene, pest management, and food service accidents. All of them are designed t strengthen your expertise as a barista.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are just starting, already working as a barista, on a tight budget, or ready to spend some coin on your coffee education, there is an online class that will match your needs. Courses range from beginner to expert level. You can also choose whether you want to enroll in a coffee-specific platform, or one where you can learn other related (or not) skills like retail management, building your own business, etc.

We hope this article has given you some food for thought on which online course is best for you. Each class was chosen for its student reviews, longevity, performance, and professional barista/coffee status. Our goal was to provide the best coffee learning options available!

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