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What Is the Sunrise Batch at Dunkin? Why Is It Special?

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If you love coffee, you already know the best way to start the morning is with a fresh, piping-hot mug of the fragrant brew. Many times, however, you will end up with coffee that is too bitter or too sweet. That’s where the Sunrise Batch Coffee at Dunkin comes in.

The Sunrise Batch is the perfect blend of coffee without being too sweet. But what exactly is the Sunrise Batch from Dunkin? Why is it so special? We will answer those questions and more below. Basically, Sunrise Batch is a special blend of South and Central American beans that are roasted longer than most blends. The name pays tribute to New England sunrises.

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What Is the Sunrise Batch?

This coffee was created as a tribute to the sunrise in New England. It gets its unique flavor from coffee beans cultivated in South and Central America. Since the coffee is allowed to roast longer than most blends, it produces a more intense flavor and darker colors.

Remember, Dunkin Donuts started in New England, so this coffee makes sense on many levels. If you haven’t tried the Sunrise Batch, you’ll want to as soon as possible.

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Image Credit: Mikail Duran, Unsplash

What Does Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch Taste Like?

The Sunrise Batch coffee is a medium roast that has just a hint of cocoa. The taste is smooth and bright and has subtle undertones of tangy sweetness and a touch of toasted nuts. Don’t forget to order a piece of Avocado Toast or a batch of Stuffed Bagel Minis to go with this delicious cup of coffee.

Whether you’re just getting going in the mornings or need an afternoon pick-me-up to keep you going all evening, the Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch will do the trick.

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Image Credit: Isabella and Zsa Fischer, Unsplash

How Much Does the Sunrise Batch Cost at Dunkin’s?

This limited-edition coffee is only available in the summer. It’s selling globally for around $2 a cup, but the price will vary depending on your location.

Since this coffee is only available in the summer months, you’ll want to try it before fall begins, so you’ll be ready to order it all summer long next season. You can find the hot and cold brew Sunrise Batch coffees on the limited summer menu that Dunkin has created and their other summer items.

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Final Thoughts

You’re missing out if you’ve never tried a Sunrise Batch coffee from Dunkin, whether it’s hot or cold brew. It has the perfect balance of flavors, and the Sunrise Batch is ideal for those who dislike acidic brews. However, when the leaves start to fall, the Sunrise Batch season ends, and the fragrant coffee won’t appear until summer rears its head again.

Have you ever had a Sunrise Batch coffee from Dunkin? If you have, please tell us what you think in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: David Jack, Unsplash


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