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What Is Monkey Coffee? Disturbing Facts About This Rare Animal Coffee!

monkey poop coffee

The name Monkey Poop Coffee is enough to leave even the biggest coffee enthusiast shaking their head. For those who are not coffee drinkers, you can only imagine the grimace on their faces at the idea of drinking a coffee of this name. Can we blame them? While most coffee lovers will give anything a go, at least once when it comes to the opportunity to taste a great-tasting coffee, the name Monkey Poop could be pushing the limits.

Luckily, for coffee drinkers around the world, Monkey Poop Coffee doesn’t actually include any feces. If you were to use a name that would technically fit this coffee it would be monkey spit coffee instead. Let’s take a deeper look at Monkey Poop Coffee, what makes it taste so good, and why it’s an expensive coffee that so many people want to try. Then you can decide whether Monkey Poop Coffee is right for you.

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Where Does Monkey Poop Coffee Come From?

Monkey Poop Coffee comes from India, Taiwan, and Chikmagalur. In these areas, coffee farms often grow near forests. In those forests are the Rhesus and Formosan rock macaque monkeys. As the name of this coffee suggests, these monkeys play a pivotal role in its creation. However, unlike with some poop coffees, these monkeys don’t ingest the coffee beans. Instead, they pick out the best cherries and chew on them. They then spit out the bean. It is those beans that are sorted through and used to make the delicious Monkey Poop Coffee that so many pay top dollar to enjoy.

Now, technically, the monkeys don’t poop out the beans, but they are still exposed to the digestive tract. As we know, this starts in the mouth. It’s the enzymes in the monkey’s mouth that change the taste of the coffee bean. It helps to reduce acidity and takes away quite a bit of bitterness.

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What Are the Different Types of Animal Poop Coffee?

As you can imagine, any type of animal poop coffee can pique people’s interest. When it comes to Monkey Poop Coffee, the fecal matter isn’t actually used, but what about the other available animal poop coffees? Do they use real fecal matter? Let’s find out.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak or Civet Cat Coffee hails from Indonesia. Unlike Monkey Poop Coffee, this coffee is eaten and digested by civet cats. Local farmers will then harvest the beans and process them. Drinkers call this coffee earthy and smooth, however, it comes with a hefty price tag if you wish to indulge in it.

Elephant Coffee

Again, this coffee does pass through the digestive system of elephants. After several hours in the digestive tract, the flavor of the beans will alter. This provides them with a taste that has hints of chocolate, malt, and spice.

Bat Coffee

Luckily, this coffee isn’t digested. Instead, it is made when certain species of bats bite into coffee cherries and lick the sweetness. This leaves the beans and cherries exposed. Both will dry up thanks to the bat saliva and produce a very floral and fruity flavor.

Bird Coffee

The Jacu bird of Brazil brings coffee lovers this tasty blend. They feast on coffee cherries, then, of course, they poop them out. The time spent in the digestive tract helps refine the beans’ taste and provides a more delicious flavor.

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Image Credit: Clay Banks, Pexels

How Does Monkey Poop Coffee Taste?

As we’ve already mentioned, Monkey Poop Coffee is less acidic and has a bare minimum of bitterness. You’ll also find that it is a bit sweeter than what you’re used to when drinking coffee and is full-bodied. This rare coffee has a full spectrum of flavor notes that include citrus, chocolate, nuts, and especially vanilla. Most people suggest enjoying this coffee without the addition of sugar, creamers, or additives to get the full taste of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Monkey Poop Coffee cost?

Considering how rare it is, and the process to make it, Monkey Poop Coffee does come with a hefty price tag. When wanting to enjoy this coffee you’ll find that it ranges from $300 to $320 per pound.

Is Monkey Poop Coffee difficult to find?

Yes, this coffee is quite rare. You’ll also find people selling fakes online. To enjoy Monkey Poop Coffee it is best to buy directly from specialty coffee roasters or coffee retailers of the highest quality.

Does Monkey Poop Coffee have more caffeine than other coffees?

No. The process the coffee beans go through when being chewed by the monkeys does not change the caffeine content. The caffeine content will be determined by the type of bean processed after the monkeys have been in contact.

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Now that you understand Monkey Poop Coffee a bit more, you can understand why this coffee is so rare and often highly sought after. The coffee’s flavors are simply delicious, even if it has been chewed and spit out by monkeys. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, giving Monkey Poop Coffee a try may be in your future. Rest assured, the amazing flavor should hide any worries about how it is processed.

Featured Image Credit: freefaithgraphics, Pixabay


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