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Is There Caffeine in Apples? What You Need to Know!


Rumors are a part of life. If you’ve made it through childhood, and especially high school without whispering a rumor behind someone’s back or having one made up about you, consider yourself lucky. In today’s society, myths, rumors, and falsehoods are still a big deal. One wrong piece of information can travel the world at Mach speed and destroy the ideas we grew up with.

A rumor circulating currently is about our innocent friend, the apple. You know, the tasty piece of fruit that has promised to keep the doctor away for years, even though you still find yourself going? Lately, people have been under the impression that apples contain caffeine. While you may be hoping apples can provide a caffeine boost and help us get out of bed each morning, this little rumor, like the keeping the doctor away one, simply isn’t true. Apples do not contain caffeine. But why would people believe it? That’s what we’re here to find out!

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Do Apples Give You Energy?

The rumor concerning apples and caffeine is easy to understand for people who eat these fruits often. Biting into a juicy apple, at the right time of day, can help give your body a boost. It is not due to caffeine, however. A medium-sized apple has 13 grams of natural sugar hiding inside. It’s this sugar that has tricked people into thinking apples contain caffeine. Instead of a caffeine start to the day by drinking a cup of coffee, a person can eat an apple and elicit nearly the same response.

While apples may not have caffeine inside them, what they do have is vitamins. When you eat an apple, the vitamins you receive are released over time instead of instantly. This is similar to the way caffeine affects your body. Unlike caffeine, though, the energy coming from a burst of vitamins doesn’t have the same crash involved as you may receive with caffeine.

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Is the Sugar in Apples Safe?

While the natural sugar in apples can give you a wake-up call, is it safe? The answer to that question is yes if consumed in moderation. It wouldn’t be great for your blood sugar levels to sit and eat apples all day long, but you will discover that eating an apple is much better for your body than drinking a soda. Luckily, the sugars and carbs found in an apple can fuel your body without the dangers you may experience from drinking a sugary soda.

Are Apples Better Than Coffee?

While a single cup of coffee offers your body around 100 mg of caffeine to help you wake up, apples can give you a similar effect. But are they better than coffee? Both apples and coffee have different benefits for your body. While apples are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber the good things about coffee can’t be denied. Coffee has no sugar, helps enhance your mood, and even may help fight diabetes and depression according to Healthline.

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Final Thoughts

While there isn’t any caffeine in apples, you can not deny the boost of energy they provide when you bite into one. If you aren’t a coffee fan or would prefer to kick your caffeine habit, using apples as a way to boost your energy levels could be a healthy alternative.

Featured Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay


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