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What is Coffee Tamer? Tricks to Beat Coffee Acidity

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If you’ve ever struggled with indigestion or heartburn after drinking a cup of coffee, you’ve battled the acidity in these tasty beans. You may have heard of something called “coffee tamer” that claims to fix this problem.

What is it, how does it work, and should you try it? We’re here to answer those questions — and offer a few more acidity-taming solutions. Scroll down to learn what you need to know!

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What is coffee tamer?

Coffee Tamer

Coffee is acidic, and it can upset your stomach, causing uncomfortable symptoms like acid reflux or heartburn. That’s where coffee-taming products come in!

Coffee tamer is typically a powder that’s designed to reduce acidity without altering flavor. The idea is that you can turn any type of coffee into stomach-friendly low-acid coffee — without losing any of the delicious taste or aromas. It comes in travel-friendly packets or handy shakers, and there are several brands available online. We haven’t seen it at our local grocery stores, but you may be able to find it in a health aisle.

How does coffee tamer work?

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Coffee tamer is a powder that you pour into your brewed cup of coffee. The calcium, magnesium, and potassium in it bind with chemicals in the drink, neutralizing the pH and making your coffee low-acid or acid-free.

This product neutralizes the acid in your coffee before you drink it, and you can use it in other acidic foods like tomato juice or tea. Coffee tamer is different from antacids because you put it directly into your coffee, instead of taking it as a pill.

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Are there other ways to reduce coffee acidity?

Yes! You don’t have to invest in a coffee tamer to cut down on your acidic intake. If you don’t want to turn your coffee into a science experiment, here are a few ways you can limit coffee acidity:

Low-Acid Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee review Medium Roast

The easiest way to drink low-acid coffee is to buy low-acid coffee! Some coffee brands (like the delicious Lifeboost) make naturally low-acid beans that won’t irritate your stomach. You may end up paying more for these specialty coffees, but your stomach will probably appreciate the difference.

Dark Roast Coffee

coffee beans roasting

Another way to reduce acidity is to stick with dark roast beans. The longer you roast a coffee bean, the less acidic it is, so if you buy dark roast coffee, you’ll naturally find less acidity in your cup.

Milk and Cream

Coffee Cream

Pouring a splash of milk, half-and-half, or cream will also reduce the acidity in your coffee. Of course, this adds a few calories to your morning routine — but only a few. A cup of coffee with cream has about 36 calories.


salt in coffee
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Here’s a strange one: add a pinch of salt to your brewed coffee. It sounds unpleasant, but a little salt can reduce the acidity and bitterness of your coffee and make it taste sweeter. Just don’t ask us how it works!

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The Bottom Line

If you often have stomach issues after drinking coffee, a coffee tamer may be worth considering. It’s easy to use (just pour in and stir) and effective at eliminating acid before you drink your morning cup. Should you try it? That’s up to you! You have other options, too, like buying low-acid coffee, adding milk, or sticking with dark roast beans.


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