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6 Soybean Coffee Health Benefits: Based on Science

soybean coffee health benefits

Soybeans are touted for their numerous health benefits, and it seems like every day more soy products are making their way onto grocery store shelves. So, is there a way to get the health benefits of soybeans in our morning coffee? There is! It’s called soybean coffee, and it’s delicious and is still great for your health and well-being. Below we are discussing six health benefits of soybean coffee so you can feel good about drinking your delicious soybean coffee every morning.

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Top 6 Health Benefits of Soybean Coffee:

1. It Lowers Your Cholesterol

There has been much debate about whether or not soy products directly have an effect on your cholesterol — and specifically low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Well, the results are in, and the news is good!

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According to the Mayo Clinic, soy products don’t have an enormous effect on cholesterol, but consuming soy each day does lower your LDL levels, slightly. More importantly, this article explains that the use of soy products often replaces animal products, which are typically significantly higher in saturated fat and cholesterol. Since soybean coffee is delicious enough without sugar and cream, you may find yourself skipping these fattening coffee additives and sticking just with black soybean coffee. This simple change can have your cholesterol levels dropping in just a few days.

2. It Helps You Lose Weight

You probably know that coffee alone is an appetite suppressant, which makes it a great tool for reducing hunger pangs and losing a few pounds. What you may not know is that soybeans are also great for dieters and can help you on your weight loss journey.

This research article from the Journal of Perinatal Health explains that soy protein, when ingested on a daily basis, helps to regulate sugar levels and insulin levels in the blood. Consequently, soy protein can contribute to weight loss, reduced hunger, and even control of blood sugar for those who are diabetic.

3. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Black coffee alone has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, and this article from the American Heart Association suggests up to an 8% decreased likelihood of contracting heart disease from drinking coffee.

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Coffee is great for your heart, but soybean coffee is even better! This research article concluded that daily consumption of soybeans or soy products noticeably decreases several risk factors associated with heart disease. This means that the cup of soybean coffee you’re about to enjoy will help keep your heart functioning properly and healthily for longer!

4. It Keeps Your Bones Healthy and Strong

You’ve always heard that drinking milk leads to strong bones, but we’ve already discussed that replacing milk or cream with soybeans in your coffee can help keep you healthier. Luckily, soy protein has also been found to strengthen bones.

According to this article from WebMD, soy protein contains isoflavones, which have been found to strengthen bones and help prevent breaks and fractures. The study they reference was done specifically on women, but it’s likely these benefits will affect anyone consuming soy products daily.

5. It Can Lead to Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

If this benefit didn’t get your attention, we don’t know what will! Soy has recently been linked to younger-looking skin and general skin health. Not only do you get to enjoy some delicious soybean coffee every morning, but you’re improving your appearance while you drink!

soybean coffee pixabay explains in this article that soy has a high protein content, contains an abundance of polyunsaturated fats, and is full of healthy antioxidants; all of these contents can lead to overall skin health and a younger-looking you.

6. It Improves Your Sleep

According to this research article published in the Nutrition Journal, daily soybean consumption has been linked to a more positive sleeping experience, deeper sleep, and longer sleep duration. Coffee may wake you up when you need it, but soybean coffee can wake you up and then help you sleep like a baby!

Before you start downing cups of soybean coffee to help you sleep, you should first note that coffee has caffeine, which is a stimulant that will most certainly help keep you awake. Moreover, caffeine withdrawals after a morning or day full of drinking coffee can be a major cause of sleeplessness. One to two cups of soybean coffee each day is likely to help you sleep, but don’t overdo it and ruin your improved sleep with caffeine withdrawals!

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Are There Risks Associated with Drinking Soybean Coffee?

As with any food or beverage, there are some risks to drinking soybean coffee, especially in excess.

Soy has been linked time and time again to changes in estrogen levels in humans. This article from Harvard University’s School of Public Health explains that a plant estrogen that exists in soybeans can bind to human estrogen receptors and have an effect on estrogen activity. In high amounts, soy can result in some changes in hormone activity, so consumption should be limited to be safe, especially in those who may already have hormonal imbalances.

Additionally, some researchers believe that soybeans can lead to an increase in the production of kidney stones. According to this article published on WebMD, soy contains oxalates, which are the main building blocks of kidney stones. Consuming large amounts of soybeans each day can lead to an increased risk of kidney stones, especially in those prone to getting stones naturally.divider 2

Soybean Coffee: Conclusion

Soybean coffee is delicious and widely beneficial to your health. It can lead to better sleep and younger-looking skin, as well as a decreased risk of brittle bones, heart disease, and cholesterol build-up. It can even help you lose weight!

Soybean coffee in excess will likely cause some complications though, as large amounts of soy can lead to changes in estrogen levels — which can have additional complications — as well as the formation of kidney stones. You’ll likely find that the benefits far outweigh the risks, though, and one sip of this delicious beverage may have you reaching for a second cup without even considering the health benefits!

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