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Mixing Coffee & Tea: History, Tips & More!

Yuenyeung drink

Are you a coffee person? Do you also enjoy a nice tea on occasion? Are you tired of people assuming that you are a fan of one or the other but not both? If you are, then you’re like many of us in the world. What’s wrong with being both a coffee and a tea fan? Even better, what about mixing the two? While you may think this sounds like an exciting new idea, it isn’t. The mixing of coffee and tea is quite popular, especially in cafes in other parts of the world. Let’s learn a bit more about this mixture and the pros and cons it may provide.

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A Bold Combination

During the 1950s, cafes in Hong Kong were big on the theme of mash-ups. This is when Asian and Western cultures came together in the culinary world. This also happens to be around the same time that Western coffee and Chinese tea were first mixed. The big question though, is how does it taste and why would people want to do it?

Coffee is considered a bold beverage. For some, it’s natural to enjoy coffee with a bit of sweetness added. Many teas have a sweet flavor. It only seems logical to use the two together. Of course, you can do this in your kitchen, with your blends of tea and coffee. But, if you aren’t big on experimenting, you can stick with the blends that have been made around the world already.

tea with coffee creamer and lemons
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Popular Coffee Tea Blends

When it comes to mixing coffee and tea, most people agree that milk tea is the preferred choice. Milk tea has the best chance of breaking through coffee’s bitter taste. Other types of tea can be mixed with your coffee, however. Many people enjoy Masala tea with coffee due to the appearance of the drink it makes and the delicious taste. Other people even use black and green tea, so it’s clear that mixing coffee and tea is dependent on your taste buds.


When it comes to coffee and tea beverages, yuenyeung is clearly the most popular. This beverage was created in the 1950s in Hong Kong. When visiting tea houses in Hong Kong, you’ll find this drink on most menus. This popular drink is made using Hong Kong milk tea and coffee for a great flavor locals adore.


In Ethiopia, Spritz is the clear coffee and tea beverage winner. Making it is simple, but the flavor is a favorite of almost anyone who gives it a shot. Black tea is steeped and then mixed with an oaky espresso blend that’s bitter. Once you have your mix, sugar is added to give this drink a kick of sweetness.

Kopi Cham

In Malaysia and Singapore, locals have a drink similar to Spritz that they enjoy called Kopi Cham. This mix of coffee and tea can be drunk hot or cold. Making it consists of mixing evaporated milk, sugar, intense black tea, and concentrated coffee.

a cup of breve coffee
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The Pros of Mixing Coffee and Tea

We’ve all heard that there are benefits to including coffee or tea in your daily routine, separately. Do those benefits change when they are mixed? Let’s find out.

  • The mixing of coffee and tea provides the body with antioxidants which may help prevent strokes.
  • Coffee and tea contain caffeine which can boost your energy and mental clarity.
  • Coffee and tea help boost your body’s metabolism.
  • For those who live with chronic mild dehydration, this mixture provides phytonutrients which can be helpful.
  • L-theanine inside this mixture can help with relaxation and the clearing of the mind.
  • A coffee and tea mixture can help lower cholesterol.

The Cons of Mixing Coffee and Tea

When bringing together two powerhouse beverages like coffee and tea, it’s normal to have a few disadvantages that can result from drinking them together. Let’s take a look at the cons of this mixture so you can be prepared if you plan on enjoying these beverages.

  • Drinking too much caffeine can affect your sleep and cause restlessness.
  • The oxalates in tea can cause kidney stones when mixed with coffee.
  • Enjoying excess amounts of this mixture can cause heartburn.
  • The mix of these 2 drinks can increase the acid in your body which can lead to a heart attack.
  • Cramps and weakness can be caused by the mixing of these 2 beverages.

These are only a few of the negatives associated with drinking coffee and tea mixed. As you can see, when it comes to your health, enjoying this drink regularly may not be the best idea. If you still feel these are the beverages for you, please, drink with caution and practice moderation.

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Final Thoughts on Mixing Coffee and Tea

While a coffee and tea mixture may taste good and be a nice treat now and then, drinking it every day could be dangerous. With all the negative effects the drink can have on your body, only enjoy it in moderation. This will allow you the opportunity to enjoy the flavor, without being concerned about your health after a drink.

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