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How Much Caffeine Is In Water Joe? 2024 Breakdown

Water Joe Caffeinated Water

Caffeine keeps the world running—from morning tea and coffee to energy drinks and soda products, millions of people rely on a special beverage every day. But with so many drinks to pick from, finding the right one for you can be tricky. If you’re used to drinking a coffee with lots of cream and sugar or a couple of diet sodas a day, you might not realize how many calories you’re drinking. And if you’re trying to cut down on carbs and sugar, you’ll need to find an alternative.

Water Joe is an innovative product with one standout feature—simplicity. It is simply bottled water and a little infused caffeine, without any extra flavorings, sweeteners, or carbonation. That makes it a great option for going on a diet, avoiding allergens, or just getting in a little more water throughout the day—without having to cut out the caffeine. Water Joe has about 120 mg of caffeine per liter—that means its 20 oz bottle has about as much caffeine as an 8 oz cup of coffee or tea.

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Water Joe vs Tea, Coffee, and Sodas

Water Joe vs Tea and Coffee

Water Joe (20 oz) 70 mg
Water Joe (1 L) 120 mg
Brewed Coffee (8 oz) 96 mg
Espresso (1 oz) 74 mg
Instant Coffee (8 oz) 62 mg
Brewed Black Tea (8 oz) 47 mg
Brewed Green Tea 28 mg

Water Joe compares pretty favorably to most teas and coffees, with a 20 oz bottle being about the same as many tea and coffee products. However, it’s definitely stronger than a cup of green tea.

Water Joe vs. Caffeinated Sodas

Water Joe (20 oz) 70 mg
Water Joe (1 L) 120 mg
Mountain Dew (12 oz) 54 mg
Dr. Pepper (12 oz) 41 mg
Diet Coke (12 oz) 46 mg
Pepsi (12 oz) 38 mg

Compared to standard caffeinated sodas, Water Joe has quite a bit more caffeine. If you’re not used to drinking a few caffeinated drinks a day, a full bottle is too much for you. But unlike a carbonated soda, Water Joe doesn’t go flat if you don’t finish your drink.

Water Joe Caffeinated Water (12 Pack)

Water Joe vs Other Caffeinated Waters

Although Water Joe is the simplest and most famous caffeinated water out there, there are a lot of other options on the market too. But not all caffeinated waters are created equal! While Water Joe is simply water and caffeine, other caffeinated water drinks have flavorings, carbonations, and sweeteners. There is also a variety of strengths, with some having a lot more caffeine than others.

Here are a few of the most popular caffeinated water options out there for comparison.

Product Type Caffeine Content
Water Joe (20 oz) Unflavored Water 70 mg
Water Joe (1 L) Unflavored Water 120 mg
Arti Sparkling Water (12 oz) Flavored Sparkling Water 120 mg
Yerbae Sparkling Water (12 oz) Flavored Sparkling Water 100 mg
Mio Water Enhancer (1 serving) Concentrated Flavor Enhancer 60 mg
Hint Caffeine Kick Water (16 oz) Flavored Water 60 mg
HEROEC Energy Water (17 oz) Unflavored and Flavored Water 60 mg
Limitless Sparkling Water (12 oz) Flavored Sparkling Water 35 mg

As you can see, the smallest (20 oz) bottle of Water Joe is on the lower end of caffeine content compared to other flavored waters, while the 1-liter bottle is on the higher end. Overall, it compares well with other energy waters on the market.

Water Joe Flavorings and Infusions

Water Joe water is practically flavorless, and lots of their customers like it that way. But if you love a hint of taste in your water, you can also use it as a base for other drinks. You can add berries, lemon, or cucumber slices to your water to add a little bit of flavor or use store-bought drink infusers. You can also use Water Joe in ice cubes added to a drink of your choice. Making your own flavored water is a great way to control what goes into your drinks and make the flavor perfect for you.

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Last Thoughts

Overall, Water Joe is a great alternative to tea, coffee, and soda. Without any sugar, calories, dairy, or gluten, it’s a great choice for those who are trying to get an energy boost despite a restricted diet. There are various serving sizes of Water Joe available, with 20 oz and 1-liter bottles being the most common, and you can customize your consumption so that you’re getting the caffeine you need each day and no more.

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