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How Much Caffeine Is in Re-Load Energy Spray? Complete Breakdown

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Using energy spray is one of the many ways people get a boost to help them through a tiring day. Whether you are at work and feeling a bit sluggish, working out but need a bit of help, or trying to stay awake or focused while studying, using caffeine is a common occurrence. What is constantly changing are the ways people get this caffeine. Sodas, tea, coffee, and energy drinks are often the go-to options. Now, energy sprays are throwing their names into the fray.

Re-Load Energy Spray is no longer available for purchase, but during its time it was easily one of the more popular choices. With more of these sprays on the market, taking the place of this discontinued spray, it’s only natural to learn about the caffeine content in these sprays so people can safely use them. Re-load energy spray was packed with caffeine. In one 29 ml bottle, there was a whopping 340 mg of caffeine. Let’s learn more about caffeine sprays and the caffeine hidden inside these little bottles.

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Re-Load Energy Spray

With it no longer on the market, it’s difficult to find much information on this spray. During its time on the market, it wasn’t readily available. If you did not happen to find this spray at one of your local convenience stores, ordering online was often your only option. This could have been one of the reasons the spray was discontinued and is no longer available.

With 340 mg of caffeine in a bottle, the amount of caffeine in the Re-Load Energy Spray was considered extreme. When using such a concentration of caffeine, moderation is the key. Especially, when it is difficult to determine how much caffeine you are getting per spray. Even though Re-Load is no longer on the market, let’s take a look at how it measures up to other energy sprays to show just how much caffeine one of these sprays can dish out.

Re-Load Energy Spray 340 mg of caffeine
VAE Energy Spray 23.5 mg of caffeine in one spray
Ongo Energy Spray 75 mg of caffeine per spray
Cani-Boost Energy Spray 5 mg of caffeine per spray
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Is Too Much Caffeine Dangerous?

Unlike drinking a cup of coffee or tossing back an energy drink, when using energy sprays, it is difficult to determine exactly how much caffeine you’re receiving. This can be a bit risky as caffeine can be dangerous when used in extreme amounts. According to Medline, too much caffeine can result in several side effects. You can even suffer from caffeine withdrawals if you become used to lots of caffeine throughout your day and can’t receive that amount routinely. Let’s take a look at a few of the side effects of caffeine so you can better understand why caffeine should only be used in moderation:

  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dependency

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, the caffeine amounts that were found in Re-Load Energy Spray were extreme. Using an energy spray with that much caffeine inside could easily become dangerous for those who don’t use it in moderation. If you are looking for a boost of energy and choose an energy spray as your source, keep the dangers of caffeine in mind. Only use the spray when you feel like you need and make sure you follow usage and dosage instructions carefully.


Featured Image Credit: Peter Conlan, Unsplash


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