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How Much Caffeine Is in Polar Frost Plus Energy? What to Know!

Polar Frost Energy Drink

Polar Frost Plus Energy, also known as Polar Frost Energy, is a sparkling water brand made by Polar Beverages. Each 17-ounce Polar Frost Plus Energy bottle contains 64 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. You probably do not have a frame of reference for how much an average amount of caffeine is. Fortunately for you, we have compared Polar Frost Plus Energy to other sparkling waters and caffeinated beverages below.

It’s recommended that you get no more than 400 mg of caffeine in a single day. Are you getting too much if you are drinking Polar Frost Plus Energy? We’ll compare the caffeine in Polar Frost Plus Energy in the guide below and answer a few of your questions.

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Polar Frost Plus Energy Compared to Other Caffeinated Beverages

Polar Frost Plus Energy (17 fl oz): 64 mg of caffeine or 3.8 mg per ounce
AHA (12 fl oz): 0 mg of caffeine or 2.5 mg per ounce
Pep Talk (12 fl oz): 55 mg of caffeine or 4.6 mg per ounce
Bubly (12 fl oz): 35 mg of caffeine or 3 mg per ounce
Hiball (16 fl oz): 160 mg of caffeine or 10 mg per ounce
Red Bull (8.46 fl oz): 80 mg of caffeine or 9.5 per ounce
Monster Energy Drink (16 fl oz): 160 mg of caffeine or 10 mg per ounce
Bang Energy (16 fl oz): 300 mg of caffeine or 18.8 mg per ounce
Reign (16 fl oz): 300 mg of caffeine or 18.8 mg per ounce
Redline Xtreme (8 fl oz): 316 mg of caffeine or 39.5 mg per ounce
Spike Hardcore (16 fl oz): 350 mg of caffeine or 21.9 mg per ounce
Brewed Coffee (8 fl oz): 95 mg of caffeine or 11.9 mg per ounce
Starbucks Triple Shot Energy (15 fl oz): 225 mg of caffeine or 15 mg per ounce
Coca-Cola (12 fl oz): 32 mg of caffeine or 2.7 mg per ounce
Mountain Dew (12 fl oz): 54 mg of caffeine or 4.5 mg per ounce
Pepsi (12 fl oz): 38 mg of caffeine or 3.1 mg per ounce

As you can see, Polar Frost Plus Energy contains an average amount of caffeine for caffeinated sparkling water but significantly less than energy drinks and coffee.

Polar Frost Plus Energy Flavors

Now that you know about the caffeine levels in Polar Frost Plus Energy, we’ll tell you a bit more about the company and the drinks they offer.

Polar Frost Plus Energy comes in nine flavors; all contain 64 mg of caffeine per bottle. The flavors are Arctic Twist, Black Raspberry, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, Lemonade, Nordic Berry, Orange Mango, Pink Grapefruit, and Pomegranate Berry.

Polar Beverages

Polar Frost Plus Energy is manufactured by Polar Beverages. Dennis Crowley founded Polar Beverages in 1882 to produce whiskey. Originally named The J. G. Beibearch Company, the company switched to the Polar name in 1916. It had to undergo significant changes during prohibition and stopped making whiskey.

Polar replaced the whiskey with water, sodas, and ginger ales. Today Polar Beverages produces lines of Polar Seltzer, Polar Seltzer’ade, Polar Mixes, Polar Frost Plus Energy, Polar Sparkling Dry, Polar Sparkling Soda, Polar Classic Cane Sugar Soda, and Polar Spring Water.

Polar FROST Products

Dangers of Caffeine

Caffeine can be dangerous; too much can lead to nasty side effects. Caffeine is well known and celebrated for its ability to keep you awake and increase your alertness. Sadly, this can lead to problems. Caffeine increases your alertness by releasing the fight or flight drug, adrenaline. At the same time, it blocks the production of adenosine, the drug that makes us tired.

Too much adrenaline and not enough adenosine can lead to anxiety and nervousness. Even a moderate amount of caffeine can cause a reaction in caffeine-sensitive people. The imbalance of adrenaline and adenosine can also cause insomnia.

We all know that caffeine keeps you awake, but what about when you want to be asleep? Caffeine makes it harder to get to sleep. Not only does it stop you from getting to sleep, but it also affects how long you can sleep, causing you to wake up earlier and less rested.

Caffeine can also cause muscle breakdown, frequent urination, digestive issues, high blood pressure, fatigue, and an overdose. Symptoms of a caffeine overdose include dizziness, vomiting, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, involuntary muscle movement, convulsions, and hallucinations. A caffeine overdose is hazardous; if you believe you’re experiencing one, call 911 and go to a hospital.

Caffeine should be consumed in moderation, and experts say you should drink no more than 400 milligrams daily. The portion must be reduced for caffeine-sensitive people.

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Closing Thoughts

Polar Frost Plus Energy contains 64 mg of caffeine, which is an average amount for caffeinated sparkling water. If you’re looking to cut down on your coffee intake but still want a little pep in your step, then Polar Frost Plus Energy may be for you. If you’re looking for sparkling water, you should probably go for Polar seltzer since its caffeine free.

You can rest assured that Polar Frost Plus Energy isn’t overloaded with caffeine. You would have to drink more than six every day to cause any problems.


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