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How Much Caffeine Is in Monster Mango Loco? 2024 Breakdown

Monster Energy Juice Monster Mango Loco

Caffeine (serving: 16 fl oz)
152 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

It is not unusual to need a boost of energy as the day goes on. Whether you wake up a bit tired, need to recharge after a workout, or simply need a little help to keep you focused on the task at hand, caffeine is often the go-to. For some people, coffee is the answer. However, there are people out there who aren’t fans of coffee but need a slight pick-me-up. For those people, energy drinks are the drink of choice. Energy drinks pack caffeine, vitamins, and minerals into a can with flavors people enjoy.

One energy drink on the market that appeals to those who want a bit of fruity flavor along with their energy is the Monster Mango Loco. But how much caffeine is in this fruity energy drink? Monster Mango Loco packs 152 mg of caffeine in a 16-ounce can. While this drink also contains fruit juice, it is still considered quite high when it comes to caffeine content. Let’s learn more about Monster Mango Loco, the caffeine inside, and how much caffeine is safe to drink throughout the day.

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What Is Monster Mango Loco?

Monster is easily one of the most popular energy drink brands around. The company, Monster Energy, was founded in 2002. The company behind this powerhouse was the Hansen Beverage Company. This beverage company was founded by Rodney Sacks and Hilton Schlosberg. Their idea was to create something new. They wanted an energy drink that would appeal to younger people and those who were fans of extreme sports and very active lifestyles. Their creative marketing campaign, amazing can design, and energizing drinks came together to make the company a success.

The thing that sets Monster Mango Loco apart from other energy drinks is the use of real fruit juice in the recipe. This makes it the ideal energy drink for someone who wants to stay on task, but enjoy a great-tasting drink at the same time. The taste inside the can is bold, fruity, and sweet. You’ll get the distinctly sweet taste of mango with a bit of a citrus twist. People say the carbonation adds to the fruitiness by providing a great mouthfeel when partaking in the drink.

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The Caffeine Inside Monster Mango Loco

Like many energy drinks, the 152 mg of caffeine found inside Monster Mango Loco is mostly derived from natural caffeine sources. Coffee beans, tea leaves, and other plants provide the energy you crave. Once the caffeine is derived from these plant-based sources, it is then purified and added to your Monster Mango Loco. Let’s take a look at how the caffeine found inside Monster Mango Loco compares to other popular Monster flavors on the market.

Monster Zero Sugar 16 fluid ounce can 140 mg of caffeine
Monster Ultra 16 fluid ounce can 150 mg of caffeine
Monster Mango Loco 16 fluid ounce can 152 mg of caffeine
Monster Original 16 fluid ounce can 160 mg of caffeine
Monster Import  18. 6 fluid ounce can 179 mg of caffeine

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Is the Caffeine Inside Monster Mango Loco Dangerous?

The most important thing to remember about caffeine is that everyone’s tolerance levels are different. The 152 mg of caffeine inside Monster Mango Loco is equivalent to 1 ½ cups of coffee. Many people drink more coffee than that when they wake up in the mornings. For those people, enjoying a Monster Mango Loco instead of their coffee wouldn’t be a big deal. Then again, there are people out there who are very sensitive to caffeine as it is a naturally occurring stimulant. Before consuming an energy drink or product that contains high levels of caffeine it is best to know how your body reacts to it. This will help you avoid any unwanted issues.

While caffeine is great at energizing the body and helping the mind to focus, there are things you should remember when enjoying it. First off, moderation is key. The FDA recommends that a healthy adult should only consume 400 mg of caffeine per day. They also feel that pregnant and nursing mothers should lower their caffeine content and stick with 200 mg per day or less. You’ll notice on many energy drink cans there are warnings saying to avoid giving these drinks to children. This is due to caffeine’s effect on their young bodies. If you consume caffeine and feel any jitteriness, anxiousness, upset stomach, increased heart rate, or trouble sleeping it’s best to lower your caffeine consumption and speak to a doctor if these issues persist.

Other Warnings About Caffeine

Let’s take a look at other warnings about consuming caffeine. This will help you consume it responsibly and enjoy the energy it provides without dangerous issues.

Medication & Caffeine

It is recommended that people who are on medication shouldn’t have a lot of caffeine. Some medications that your doctor may prescribe can lose their effectiveness if you consume caffeine. If you’re being treated by a doctor and they have prescribed you medications for health reasons, it is best to consult with them about how much caffeine is safe for you to have, if any at all. As always, your physician knows best and you should follow any advice they give you.

Alcohol & Caffeine

We’ve all heard of people mixing energy drinks with alcoholic beverages. This is a very bad idea. The heavy amounts of caffeine found inside energy drinks can drastically affect how your body deals with alcohol consumption. It can increase your level of intoxication which can lead to serious issues and often results in risky behavior. You’ll also find that high levels of caffeine and alcohol together can lead to stomach discomfort while you’re drinking and afterward. It is best to avoid mixing these types of drinks with any alcoholic beverage you decide to consume.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, Monster Mango Loco is an energy drink from the Monster line that is fruity and tasty while also being packed with caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is best to avoid this beverage. For those who consume caffeine daily, and want a fruity pick-me-up, make sure you drink in moderation. This will help you enjoy this great-tasting drink safely.

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