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How Much Caffeine is in Awake Chocolate? 2024 Breakdown

AWAKE Caffeinated Chocolate Bites

Caffeinated foods and drinks became one of the biggest raves in the early to mid-90s. Everything from gum and sports drinks to energy bars and chocolate snacks have seen success worldwide as consumers scout through grocery store aisles, gas stations, and coffee shops to get their daily energy fix.

One of the new kids on the block is the Awake brand which manufactures a line of caffeine-infused chocolate bars. But just how much caffeine do these bars and bite-sized snacks contain?

Awake chocolate bites have 50mg of caffeine and the bars contain 100 mg of caffeine. To help give you a bit of reference, a typical 8 oz cup of coffee contains about 90 mg of caffeine, while a 12 oz soft drink contains about 30 mg of caffeine. A 12 oz glass of Lipton Brisk Tea contains 11 mg of caffeine.

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How Much Daily Caffeine Is Safe?

The FDA has listed 400 mg (milligrams) as the maximum amount of caffeine (from any source) that adults should consume per day. There is wide variation and how fast we metabolize caffeine and our level of sensitivity to it–with age, genetics, gender, and size playing large roles in determining this.

So, if you’re looking to become more health-conscious or suffering from any heart-related ailments, you may want to consume Awake chocolate bites in moderation. Other people who may want to monitor their caffeine intake include women who are breastfeeding or pregnant and anyone on anti-anxiety medications.

Which Type of Chocolate Has The Most Caffeine?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, milk chocolate contains 9 mg of caffeine per ounce while dark chocolate contains 12 mg per ounce. Cocoa butter and cocoa solids are created when cocoa beans are melted and liquefied.

Though both of these forms of cocoa are used to make chocolate, caffeine is only present in cocoa solids. White chocolate is caffeine-free, as it only has cocoa butter–it contains no solids. As a result, darker chocolate will have higher caffeine levels than lighter chocolate per ounce.

However, caffeine and other caffeine-heavy substances can be added to white and lighter chocolates to aid in energy-boosting capabilities.

Other Caffeine Sources

If you’re not a chocolate fan (or on a diet) and are looking for other non-coffee ways to get a daily dose of caffeine, here are a few other infused snacks to consider.

Yerba Mate

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Yerba Mate is a tasty, nutrient-rich tea that incorporates caffeine with the health benefits of tea. It contains 85 mg of caffeine per cup and is known for providing the “coffee alertness” without the crashing after effects (i.e. difficulty sleeping, jitters, crankiness). This herbal tea comes in several flavors including, Lemon Elation, Enlighten Mint, and Revel Berry.

Viter Energy Wintergreen Caffeinated Mints

If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, these tiny mints may be just what you’re looking for. Each mint has 40 mgs of caffeine and the small packets can fit easily in your purse or bag. Two mints equal one full 8 ounce cup of regular caffeinated coffee. They’re perfect for anyone looking for a caffeine source without any extra calories (or anything chocolate-flavored).

Verb Caffeinated Energy Bars

Need energy and protein before heading to the gym? These caffeine-infused bars by Verb are the perfect pre-workout snack. These tasty bars are loaded with 100 mg of green tea-based caffeine and are made with brown rice and rolled oats–the perfect combo of carbs to fuel your workout. And the best thing is that they’re only 45 calories!

Pro Bar Peanut Butter

If you’re a peanut butter lover, these energy bars are a great option when you’re on the go. They have 25mg of caffeine, which comes from Yerba Mate tea. They also contain a good amount of healthy fats from coconut oil and peanuts. You can eat these bars alone or toss them in the blender with some fruit or veggies for a quick smoothie.

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Awake caffeine chocolate treats have a considerable amount of caffeine. So, if you’re someone who is monitoring your caffeine levels for health reasons or simply looking to lower your daily caffeine intake, you may want to stay away from these bars or consume them in moderation.

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