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How Much Caffeine is in Afri Cola? Surprising Facts!

a case of afri cola

Caffeine (serving: 11.16 fl oz)
82.5 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

As one of the most popular beverages across the world, soda has taken many different forms. Different countries put their own spin on the popular drink and make varieties of flavors, bottle shapes, and brand names.

Afri Cola is one that might not be known to you. This cola has origins in Germany, where it has been a popular drink for decades. It moved from Germany to other countries in Europe, making its way to the United States at one point.

Although these fun sugary drinks are a go-to, do you ever wonder how much caffeine is in these drinks? Continue reading to learn more about the Afri Cola caffeine content and how it compares to other sodas.

Afri Cola has about 89 mg of caffeine in each 12-ounce bottle.

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Caffeine Levels in Comparison to Other Beverages

What is the comparison of caffeine between a drink like Afri Cola and other caffeinated drinks? The following will compare Coca-Cola, Monster, Starbucks, and more:

Brand Caffeine Content Volume
Starbucks Triple Shot 225 mg 443 ml
Jolt Cola 160 mg 473 ml
Afri Cola 89 mg 345 ml
Average Energy Drink 70 mg + 240 ml
Mountain Dew 54 mg 354 ml
Coca-Cola 34 mg 375 ml

In summary, you can see that Afri Cola has a relatively high caffeine content in comparison to other popular beverages.

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Image Credit: Marcel Strauß, Unsplash

What Does Afri Cola Taste Like?

Afri Cola is known to taste like Coca-Cola or other American colas, with an extra hint of malt or cane sugar flavors. It is said to have caramel listed as an ingredient, so it is safe to say it has hints of this too.

The cola has been adjusted slightly in taste and caffeine levels over the years. It now includes diet and low-caffeine options.

What Ingredients Are in Afri Cola?

The ingredients are what you would normally find in a cola beverage. Ingredients include water, sugar, coloring, acidic components, caffeine, and natural flavor. The low-caffeine option has, of course, less caffeine, whereas the diet option uses aspartame instead of sugars.

The average Afri Cola is said to have a whopping 35 grams of sugar per bottle and around 130 calories.

Where to Buy Afri Cola

Afri Cola seems to still be available widely across countries. Not only is it still available as one of the most popular colas in Germany, but it is also available in the United States.

You can purchase cases of Afri Cola from Walmart, Amazon, and other smaller beverage companies. It doesn’t seem to have changed from its unique, curvy bottle design and dark-colored drink. The beverage also has not seemed to have changed caffeine levels or ingredients list since its last iteration.

Why Should I Think About Caffeine Content?

You might be asking why we even worry about how much caffeine is in our drinks. Well, although it’s great for quick energy boosts in the morning, it can have negative side effects.

People might be sensitive to too much caffeine and experience jitters and post-coffee crashes. Drinking too many in a row can even give you stomach issues and make you feel horrible.

Afri Cola has a high caffeine content compared to other popular sodas. If you’re ready to grab a caffeinated drink or want to try something new like an Afri Cola, make sure you read the labels first to make sure that you’re consuming caffeine content that your body can handle!

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