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Frieling French Press Review 2024: Pros & Cons


Our Final Verdict

We give the Frieling French Press a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality
Coffee Quality
Ease of Use

Frieling French Press – At a Glance:

As a coffee lover, I also love getting myself new equipment for making coffee. I have been testing various insulated French presses since forever, and the Frieling was long overdue because it’s one of the best on the market.

The Frieling French Press Coffee Maker is touted as the best insulated, and I wanted to see if this were true. I also wanted to know how Frieling compared to other products in all aspects, not only heat retention.

I got myself a 36 oz Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker and started to test it and here is what I learned about it.

A Quick Look

  • Sturdy double-walled stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Great-tasting coffee
  • Good value
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Pricey

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Hot Or Cold?

Frieling also designed this French press with double-walled construction. What that means to you and me is that hot drinks will stay hot up to four times longer than a normal glass carafe. Plus, the pitcher doubles as a pretty awesome serving tool for various cold beverages ranging from iced tea and juice to water, milk and even iced coffee.

No Grounds In My Coffee


The real magic to making a good cup of coffee with a French press is the components that make up the plunger. What Frieling has done is they have employed a patented two-stage filtration system. This system is composed of a pre-filter and an Italian “super-fine” mesh all connected with a sturdy metal wire coil that keeps sediment out of the finished coffee.

Another effect of the great filtering is the fact that we can grind finer. The recommended grind size for French press is the coarsest setting on the grinder. This ensures grounds and fines don’t slip through the screen, into your coffee. But with the coarsest grind, we need to use more coffee. We also get less body because the extraction is not optimal.

A French Pot that Looks Pretty Spiffy

Although I could argue that good-tasting coffee often tastes just a little bit better out of a great-looking container, Frieling basically beat me to that. This French press is elegant. It features a stunning mirrored finish and the design includes a no-drip spout which ensures you will be able to reach across the table to pour someone a drink and not splash them or the table.

More Reasons Why I Like The Frieling French Press

Well, it really is a lot more than a generic press pot that you spill some coffee grounds into and plunge hot water through. Here are a few of my extra ‘likes’ about the Frieling French Press.

  • Five Year Warranty

Hey, if you have gone to the trouble to make this look so elegant, it won’t hurt to back it up with a substantial warranty. Frieling did just that which smacks of high quality and integrity.

  • 2017 Housewares Design Award Winner

Alright, for my money nothing says quality that a product that has been awarded some kind of distinction from their peers. It’s not only impressive, it speaks volumes about quality.

  • The Full-Length Handle

You know, sometimes it’s the little things that get your attention. For me, I really find the design of this French press to be user-friendly. The full-length handle is comfortable and I like that.

  • No Risk Of Chips, Cracks, Etc.

I’ve already noted the stainless steel construction. What this means to a high volume user – such as a restaurant or coffee shop – this product is not going to be easily damaged in daily use.

  • Easy Peasy Cleaning

Another thing about stainless steel that you may not realize unless you find yourself working in a commercial setting is that it is very, very easy to clean and keep clean. Trust me on that.

  • Great tasting coffee

As we showed earlier in our review, we can grind finer for the Frieling. Because we use a finer grind we improve the extraction ratio and the TDS. This means a better-tasting coffee, similar to espresso.

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Making Coffee Could Not Be Any Easier

As if making coffee with a French press wasn’t already the easiest and quickest way to a fresh cup of coffee, Frieling put a lot of thought into this product.

It shows in the design as soon as you get your first look at it and see your surprised expression reflected back at you through the polished stainless steel finish.

The handle stands out and the actual shape of the press may bring back memories of the old lunch counter in the department store downtown where coffee was just a dime and you could sit in a booth and drink it all day long if you really wanted to.

But I want to tell you more.


I know what you’re thinking. When you take a good look at the photos of the Frieling French Press you see that it isn’t cheaply made. There’s obvious quality stamped all over it. So, naturally, you are going to jump to the conclusion that something this beautiful, which will most certainly class up your kitchen counter, is going to cost a bundle. Well, it’s not the most expensive stainless steel French press, but is not the cheapest one either. But you know, what’s cheap, is usually cheap for a reason.

1Frieling USA Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Size Does Matter

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that the Frieling French Press comes in five different sizes ranging from 8 to 44 fluid ounces so you can serve yourself, a family or satisfy staff and customers with a huge container that makes and holds beverages for as long as you need them to. The press pot also comes in three different finishes – mirror, brushed and black. The black one is only available in one size but the other two come in all of the other five sizes.

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Experience Speaks Loudly

One more thing. Frieling is not a stranger to the coffee industry. The company has been around since 1988 and has produced several different products for use in the kitchen.

All of them have distinctive designs and all are quite simply elegant in visual appeal.

Would you survive without this French Press? Probably… But once you get one, you’ll likely box up your other ones and either toss them out or sell them off in a yard sale. The Frieling French Press is a top-notch item.


Kate MacDonnell

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