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French Drip Coffee Pots: History & Top Picks

Kinto Faro French drip coffee pot
French drip coffee pot is a device traditionally used in Louisiana to brew coffee, tea, or their famous chicory coffee. The tradition of brewing in the French drip coffee pot goes a couple of centuries back, and it was brought by the French colonists from Europe. The French were at the time the innovators in coffee brewing, and this device was a breakthrough.

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What is French Drip Coffee?

The traditional pot is named grégue in French, and it wouldn’t miss in any kitchen. The smell of fresh coffee made in one of these pots is one of the fondest memories for Louisiana people. Was it the pot that brought the magic, or it’s just the magic of good memories from childhood? Maybe it’s both. The coffee prepared this way is named café grègue, or café coulé, (drip coffee).

Some of the traditional French drip coffee pots are made of enameled steel, which has the disadvantage of losing the temperature quite fast. The ceramic pots, however, can maintain the beverage hot for a longer time.

The French drip coffee brewing method is no different than using a manual device that drips into a cup. The only difference is that with a French drip pot you can brew more than a cup at a time, and you can keep the coffee hot for some time. The Chemex is a coffee drip pot variant made of glass. It looks very modern because you can see the coffee in the pot, but it is not very practical for the same reason as the enamel pots, coffee gets cold very fast.

French Drip Coffee Pot


This is a French drip coffee pot made of ceramics and glazed with white porcelain for a nice finish. The filter is made from the same material, and it has a modern conical shape that will help for a perfect extraction. The dripper can be used with Melitta filters, and in my experience, the best filters are the finer filters, since the cone has three holes for dripping. Melitta filters no#3 and no#4 should do it. No#1 and 2 size filters will result in a faster drip, and the coffee will be too weak. You should also adjust the grind size, if it drips too fast, grind finer, if water passes through grounds too slow, grind a little coarser. Adjust your grind until you reach that perfect cup. When you change your coffee beans, you might need to recalibrate the grind size. When brewing, don’t try to rush it up, the secret for a great French drip coffee is to pour that water slowly and to control the temperature. The perfect temperature for drip coffee is between 195° F (91° C) and 205° F (96° C). To control the temperature with so much precision you need a variable temperature electric Kettle.

Kinto Faro Coffee Dripper Pot


The Faro French drip pot from Kinto is a step up from the HIC one. It is made from porcelain, with a stainless steel mesh filter. The mesh filter is a modern take on the French Drip coffee pot and is a great improvement for your coffee. Whit the stainless steel you have a bold cup without the fines. Many people used paper filters with a French dripper, in an attempt to get a clearer cup. The porcelain is thick, helping temperature stability during brewing and afterward.


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