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Coffee Ground Sneakers: The Story of Recycled Coffee Shoes

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In today’s world, people have a hard time keeping up with the rapidly changing times. Lately, sneakers and coffee are no exception. The invention of coffee ground sneakers has coffee lovers and sneaker lovers scratching their collective heads.

So, have you heard about coffee ground sneakers? What are they for? Can you actually wear them? We’ll answer these questions and more in the blog below.

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What are Coffee Ground Sneakers?

Coffee ground sneakers were invented by a Finnish startup named Rens. The company makes new sneakers from old coffee grounds. In this way, they are helping to reduce methane emissions and landfill usage.

The idea has 5,000 backers, who pledged over $500,000 to help the idea come to fruition. The sneakers are made from six recycled bottles and 21 cups of coffee for each pair of shoes.

So far, 250,000 plastic water bottles and over 750,000 cups of coffee have been made into coffee shoes. The company started in 2019,  and the sneakers seem to be working out fine and saving the environment as well.

Are Coffee Ground Sneakers Comfortable?

Ren’s coffee ground sneakers are comfortable, waterproof, and absorb odors. Also, they are easy to slip off and on, making them perfect for slipping on just as you head out the door or to go for that morning run.

Rens’ Coffee Ground sneakers come in nine different colors.

  • Stealth black
  • Arctic black
  • Classic white
  • Rebel black
  • Rebel white
  • Ocean blue
  • Passion red
  • Wanderer
  • Sweet pink

The shoes come in different men’s and women’s sizes and have no laces.

What’s In the Works?

Recently, Rens released a press release about plans to release a sneaker program called NOMAD. This will be the first time a climate-neutral sneaker is developed from a crowd-funding platform.

The label is working with a silent, unnamed “climate partner” and aims to raise a million dollars to get the job done. While the new sneakers will be made from recycled products, such as coffee grounds, they will still be comfortable, durable, and easy to wear.

Are Coffee Ground Sneakers Expensive?

Coffee ground sneakers are no more expensive than regular sneakers in the long run, especially if they are better for the planet. So, if you are looking to do your part to protect the environment and love sneakers, the coffee ground sneakers may be the shoes for you.

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Final Thoughts

With so many strange products in the world, coffee ground sneakers should come as no surprise. Rens isn’t the only company using recycled products to make clothes and other items. If you’re into saving the environment, as we all should be, these sneakers and other eco-friendly items should be at the top of your list.

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