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15 Best Caffeine-Free Drinks at Dutch Bros: 2024 Options Ranked & Reviewed

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Many people visit Dutch Bros frequently for their fantastic coffee, but if you are traveling with someone who doesn’t drink coffee or you need to cut back on caffeine, you’ll be happy to know that there are several alternatives available. Keep reading as we list several of the best caffeine-free drinks at Dutch Bros and the ingredients that they contain so you can make an informed purchase.

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The 15 Best Caffeine-Free Drinks at Dutch Bros

1. High Dive Lemonade

Ingredients: Lemonade, pomegranate, peach

The Dutch Bros High Dive Lemonade is a popular beverage among non-coffee drinkers due to its pomegranate and peach flavors. It also has mixed citrus fruits, like pineapple and orange, and you can get it iced or blended, so it makes the perfect summertime drink

2. Electric Blue Lemonade

Ingredients: Lemonade, blue raspberry

Electric Blue Lemonade is a fantastic lemonade-based option that you can choose when trying to avoid caffeine. The blue raspberry flavoring is a favorite of many people and is a good choice for children and adults. It’s a perfect substitute for coffee and will cool you down on a hot day.

3. Italian Soda

Ingredients: Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, lime

While many common sodas contain at least some caffeine, the Italian Soda varieties offered by Dutch Bros are all caffeine free, so you can feel good about drinking them. Several flavors are available, including blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry, and you can mix them in any combination. It also contains breve to make it slightly creamy. It’s perfect for any time of day and is especially nice when relaxing.

4. Dutch Bros Smoothies

Ingredients: mango, strawberry, peach, green apple

Dutch Bros offers several tasty Smoothies that are perfect for the patio or around the pool. They taste great and are available in several flavors, including green apple, peach, mango, and strawberry, and like with the Italian Soda, you can mix flavors to create something unique. Children love it, and it’s perfect for anyone who likes ice cream.

5. Orange Creamsicle Soda

Ingredients: orange, vanilla, cream

The Orange Creamsicle is a favorite among many visitors to Dutch Bros, and it contains orange and vanilla syrups mixed with soda water and cream to create a beverage that will remind you of the old days. It’s a tasty cold drink that you can also get blended into a milkshake if you want more of a treat.

6. Birthday Cake Dutch Freeze

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, white chocolate syrup, sprinkles

The Birthday Cake Dutch Freeze mixes vanilla ice cream with Almond Roca and white chocolate syrup to create a beverage that tastes much like cake. Add sprinkles to the beverage, and get a festive dessert perfect for any birthday party. It’s sweet, tastes great, and is caffeine free.

7. Ninja Frost

Ingredients: Mint syrup, white chocolate syrup

Ninja Frost is the first of several great frost-based beverages from Dutch Bros that uses white chocolate and mint syrup to create an amazingly cool drink. It’s available in several sizes and comes with a whipped cream topping.

8. Dutch Bros Cotton Candy Frost

Ingredients: Blue raspberry and white chocolate syrup

Another great beverage from Dutch Bros is the Cotton Candy Frost that uses raspberry syrup, vanilla ice cream, and white chocolate to make you feel like you are at the fair or a picnic. Children love it and it doesn’t contain any caffeine. It’s also available in several sizes so the whole family can enjoy it.

9. Strawberry Frost

Ingredients: vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup

The Strawberry Frost is a standard flavor that many people enjoy. It comes with a whipped cream topping and is perfect any time of the day.

10. White Chocolate Frost

Ingredients: White chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream

The White Chocolate Frost is a unique and tasty version of the vanilla milkshake. It uses a white chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream combination to create a simple but sweet beverage.

11. German Chocolate Frost

Ingredients: Coconut, dark chocolate, caramel

The German Chocolate Frost is one of our favorites and combines coconut, dark chocolate, and caramel ingredients for a fantastic treat.

12. Dutch Canyon Frost

Ingredients: White chocolate, dark chocolate

The Dutch Canyon frost is a tasty treat that combines white and dark chocolate in the same beverage. Other ingredients include chocolate macadamia nuts and a caramel drizzle. It has whipped cream on top and is a favorite of any chocolate lover, with a complex flavor that many people enjoy, especially if you are looking for something new.

13. Eclipse Frost

Ingredients: Peach, passionfruit, blue raspberry

Eclipse Frost is one of our favorite beverages due to its fruit ingredients, like peach and passionfruit. The whipped cream topping has a blue drizzle that makes it look and taste even better. It’s a favorite among children and adults and is perfect for any time of the year.

14. Double Chocolate Dutch Cocoa

Ingredients: Chocolate milk, chocolate sauce

While most of the other options on this list are better suited to warmer weather, the Double Chocolate Dutch Cocoa is the perfect option for when the temperature starts to drop. Ingredients include chocolate milk and chocolate sauce to create a beverage that any chocolate lover will enjoy.

15. Snickerdoodle

Ingredients: Cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate

The Dutch Bros. Snickerdoodle Cocoa is an amazing warm beverage that is perfect for the holiday season and colder weather. It contains cinnamon and chocolate macadamia nut ingredients that help it taste like a freshly baked cookie. White chocolate adds sweetness and the cinnamon sprinkles look fantastic.

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Dutch Bros offers visitors many different options, and several beverages don’t contain any caffeine. If the weather is warm, we recommend the High Five Lemonade or one of the other lemonade options to stay hydrated. Another great option is the Italian Soda. If you want something creamier or more like a milkshake, we recommend a Dutch Bros Smoothie or a German Chocolate Frost.

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