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How to Open La Colombe Coffee Cans: Simple Steps

La Colombe Triple Draft Latte 9 Fl Oz

La Colombe Coffee opened its first location in 1994 in Philadelphia. The founders, JP Iberti and Todd Carmichael, inspired by Carmichael’s wife, decided to create a disposable coffee can that consumers could drink from without having to physically touch the can with their mouths. If you’ve ever had a La Colombe coffee drink you’re familiar with the look of the can, which looks a bit different from your typical canned coffee beverage.

The lid on these cans has a plastic cover which has two purposes. One, it protects you from having to place your lips directly on the lid of the can to consume the beverage. Two, it helps eliminate any metallic taste that you may experience when you drink directly from a can. To open a can of La Colombe coffee, you just need to remove the plastic cover and open the metal can as usual.

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But How Exactly Do You Open a Can of La Colombe Coffee?

You may be surprised to learn that you open a can of La Colombe coffee just like any other metal can. You simply place a finger beneath the tab and lift it upward. There are no gimmicks or tricks involved, you can just open this beverage like a typical can of soda. So don’t let the top lid confuse you.

La Colombe Triple Draft Latte

Why Are La Colombe Coffee Lids Different from Other Cans?

The owners of La Colombe Coffee wanted to create an on-the-go beverage that didn’t require consumers to place their lips on the lid of the can for consumption. Also, the company’s canned beverages have a chimney-like design that sort of acts as a valve to keep the coffee safe.

This design allows for the injection of liquid nitrous oxide during the bottling process, which, in turn, allows the beverage to maintain its creamy texture– which consumers have grown to love.

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Frequently Asked Questions About La Colombe Canned Coffee:

Is Canned Coffee Safe to Drink?

Yes. Canned coffee is typically considered to be safe as it has to go through an inspection by the FDA just like any other beverages sold in grocery stores. The concern over the safety of canned coffees comes from the fact that we’re simply used to coffee being made on the spot at a cafe–either that or making our own with ground beans at home.

And when we do buy ready-made coffee, it’s often through the refrigerated section at the grocery store–or it’s instant coffee that can be mixed in a matter of seconds. The difference between canned coffee is that it’s usually in a vacuum-sealed container for better shelf preservation.

This allows it to sit at room temperature without spoiling, which is no different than canned food. However, it’s always best to know the expiration date of your coffee and to refrigerate it once you open it.

What Is the Best Way to Drink La Colombe Coffee?

You can enjoy this coffee beverage by itself straight out of the can, but it’s better if it’s chilled. Also, you can add water or milk, if you prefer, to the coffee to reduce its strength. It all depends on your coffee preference. You can add ice to the beverage and enjoy it straight or add water or milk to reduce the intensity of the coffee.

la colombe canned coffee

Do La Colombe Coffee Expire?

Yes. Though the coffee comes in a sealed can and doesn’t require refrigeration, it will still expire. These cans can be stored for up to 180 days.

Is La Colombe Coffee Gluten-Free?

Yes! All of their canned beverages, including coffee and tea, are gluten-free.

Does La Colombe’s Draft Latte Have Alcohol?

No. According to the nutrient label, the draft latte beverage does not contain any alcohol. The draft latte comes in a few flavors, including mocha, black, and vanilla.

Are La Colombe Cans Recyclable?

Yes! These cans are completely recyclable and accepted in most recycling and waste disposal containers.

la colombe coffee poured into a glass

Can I Refrigerate La Colombe’s Canned Coffee?

You can place these containers in the refrigerator, but it’s not necessary. La Colombe’s canned beverages are listed as “shelf-stable” according to the company’s website, meaning that they don’t require any refrigeration. However, after you open the beverage (breaking the seal), it is recommended that you refrigerate it.

What Is Nitrous Oxide and Why Do Some Coffee Drinks Contain It?

Nitrous oxide is a gas that contains two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Many people often refer to it as “laughing gas” due to its ability to make people feel floaty, light, and a bit giggly when they inhale it. However, it’s commonly added to coffee drinks and other canned beverages due to its ability to create a smooth creamy texture. It’s also sometimes added to beer to make it foamier.

What Is the Caffeine Content of a La Colombe Can?

La Colombe Draft Latte has 13.33 milligrams (mg) of caffeine in each fl. oz. A 9-fl. oz. container contains 120 mg of total caffeine.

What Type of Milk Is La Colombe Made With?

La Colombe is made with Grade-A non-fat dairy milk. The milk contains calcium and vitamin D and it’s also infused with nitrous oxide, which explains the beverage’s frothy texture.

How Long Does La Colombe Cold Coffee Last in the Fridge?

It’s best to consume the refrigerated beverage after 30 days. However, if you have it canned you can consume it for up to 180 days.

Is La Colombe Coffee Sustainable and Ethically Made?

Yes. According to their website, La Colombe coffee is made with sustainable packaging. All of their coffee boxes are recyclable 100% and the company uses plant-based ink. Also, their coffee bags use NEO technology, which breaks down in landfills to make clean, renewable energy. La Colombe Coffee is fair trade, organic, and carbon-free certified.

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Wrapping Things Up

So, there you have it, folks. The coffee cans by La Colombe aren’t as complicated as they may seem, and you should be able to open them with no problem. If you’re looking for a new coffee brand, this one is worth considering as they have tasty shelf-stable coffee beverages and a distinctive flavor and texture.


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