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How Much Caffeine Is in Nescafe? 2024 Breakdown

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Caffeine (serving: 8 fl oz)
61 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

In case you have not noticed, the world is becoming a much busier place. What does this mean for coffee drinkers? More and more of us find ourselves needing to grab a cup of joe on the go. Whether we opt to run by the coffee shop to spend a fortune or make ourselves a quick cup of instant on the go is totally a personal choice. Either way we go, however, knowing how much caffeine we’re drinking per day is important.

One of the most popular instant coffees on the market is Nescafe. With several different options to choose from, Nescafe offers on-the-go coffee for people with different tastes. Their Nescafe Classic is an ideal choice for the everyday coffee drinker. But how much caffeine is inside? An 8-ounce cup of Nescafe Classic has between 50 to 90 mg of caffeine. This is an average of 70 mg of caffeine per cup. Let’s take a look at Nescafe and the caffeine inside so you can see how it compares to other instant coffees on the market.

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What Is Nescafe?

In 1929, the Wall Street Crash was damaging the surplus of coffee beans in Brazil. Nestle was approached to help with the situation. Their resident coffee specialist, Max Morgenthaler, wanted to create a great cup of coffee that could be made by only adding water. To do this, they wanted to take on the way instant coffee was made. In 1938, Max and his team felt they were successful, and thus Nescafe was born.

During the initial launch of Nescafe, World War II broke out. This new instant coffee became a staple for soldiers to enjoy a cup of coffee when they had a moment of downtime. The American troops even became brand ambassadors. Over the years since its launch, Nescafe has seen its popularity rise. It was even drunk on the moon. Now, this instant coffee is available in over 180 countries worldwide.

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The Caffeine in Nescafe

As we’ve already said, the average caffeine found in a cup of Nescafe is around 70 mg. The company itself states on its website that a 2-gram sachet of its coffee features anywhere from 50 to 90 mg of caffeine. While we aren’t sure why that’s such a wide gap in caffeine content, we decided to use the middle ground of 70 mg per cup. You’ll also find that the caffeine in Nescafe comes from a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans that are grown respectfully. The company claims this is its way of helping coffee farmers and their local communities.

Let’s look at the different caffeine amounts in a few of Nescafe’s varieties.

Nescafe Clasico 50 – 90 mg caffeine per serving
Nescafe Americano 110 mg of caffeine per serving
Nescafe Gold 90 mg of caffeine per serving
Nescafe 3 in 1 45 – 65 mg of caffeine per serving
Nescafe Latte 80 mg of caffeine per serving

Is the Caffeine in Nescafe High?

You may expect the caffeine in instant coffee to be a bit higher than in traditionally brewed coffee, but that isn’t the case for Nescafe. In fact, it stays right on average. This tasty, easy-to-make coffee is a great way to get the morning wakeup you’re hoping for without having to be late for that meeting or appointment.

Let’s take a look at how Nescafe compares to other popular instant coffees on the market in terms of caffeine content.

Starbucks Ready Brew 130 – 140 mg caffeine per serving
Nescafe Clasico 50 – 90 mg caffeine per serving
Mount Hagen 50 – 60 mg caffeine per serving
Waka Coffee 56 – 84 mg caffeine per serving
Folgers Classic Roast 71 mg of caffeine per serving

Is the Caffeine in Nescafe Safe?

Yes, the caffeine found in Nescafe is safe to consume for healthy adults. The key when it comes to caffeine consumption is knowing your tolerance. While the FDA recommends healthy adults consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day, many out there far exceed this number. If you are on certain medications or suffering from certain medical issues, avoiding caffeine is advised. Speak with your doctor to determine whether you are healthy enough to consume caffeine, how much is safe, and whether it could cause any side effects with your medications.

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Final Thoughts

Nescafe is easily one of the more popular instant coffee brands in the world. When you’re in a rush and need a good cup of coffee, opting for this instant could be your answer. For those coffee drinkers out there who are also watching their caffeine content, be advised that Nescafe’s Classic flavor has 50 – 90 mg of caffeine per serving, averaging out at around 70 mg. This should be a perfect amount of caffeine to help you get your day started.

Featured Image Credit: Daniele D’Andreti, Unsplash


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