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How Much Caffeine Is in Lipton Decaf Tea? 2024 Breakdown


Caffeine (serving: 6 fl oz)
2.7 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

Whether herbal, iced, or hot, tea has been a fan favorite for many years. Many tea drinkers like having a cup of tea in the mornings to start their day, while others prefer decaf tea throughout the day. Lipton is one of the premiere tea manufacturers in the world that produces caffeinated and decaffeinated tea. But does Lipton Decaf Tea have no caffeine in it at all?

All non-herbal tea has some caffeine in it. While Lipton Decaf Tea has less caffeine than regular Lipton Tea, it contains around 4 to 5 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. That is still quite a bit less than other teas on the market.

How does Lipton Decaf Tea compare to other teas with its caffeine content? We’ll compare them for you below and much more, so join us.

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Caffeine Content Comparison Of Lipton Decaf Tea VS Other Teas

Considering that Lipton Decaf Tea has between 4 and 5 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup, we’ll compare it to other teas below.

Lipton Decaf Tea 4 to 5 mg
Lipton Black Tea 55 mg
Lipton Green Tea 35 mg
Decaf Green Tea 4 mg
Lipton Cold Brew Tea Bags 55 mg

Various flavors of Lipton Teas have different caffeine amounts, but as you can see, these teas are much lower in caffeine than the recommended daily allowance of 400 mg.

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Where to Buy Lipton Decaf Tea

Lipton is an extremely popular brand of tea, and it can be purchased just about anywhere. They have bottled tea, tea in cans, herbal teas, and tea bags. You can find the tea online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

Is Caffeine-Free Tea Really Possible?

There is a difference between decaf tea and caffeine-free tea, so yes, there are caffeine-free teas. Most are herbal teas and will specify that they are entirely caffeine-free on the label. The most common teas, such as white, black, and green, have at least small amounts of caffeine.

If you’re looking for caffeine-free teas, you’ll need to go with something like chamomile, peppermint, and ginger herbal teas.

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Is Decaf Tea Healthier than Caffeinated Tea?

In most ways, decaf tea has the same health benefits that you’ll find in caffeinated teas. It’s important to remember that decaf doesn’t mean caffeine-free. If you have a caffeine sensitivity, you’ll still want to avoid decaf teas in favor of herbal caffeine-free teas. Make sure you read the label to ensure the tea is caffeine-free before you try it. If you’re unsure of what is the best tea for you, it’s best to check with your doctor for recommendations.

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Final Thoughts

Lipton Decaf Tea has between 4 and 5 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. While it isn’t caffeine-free, Lipton Decaf Tea has less caffeine than many other teas on the market today. If you’re looking for genuinely caffeine-free tea, you can try herbal teas. However, Lipton Decaf Tea is an excellent choice if you’re trying to cut back on your daily caffeine.

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