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How Much Caffeine Is in Go Fast High Octane Energy Drink? 2024 Breakdown

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Caffeine (serving: 16 fl oz)
300 mg
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If you need energy throughout the day to keep you focused and alert, you have most likely given an energy drink a try. Unfortunately, energy drink companies aren’t great when it comes to putting the amount of caffeine on the packaging label. This leaves people who are concerned with the amount of caffeine, the main ingredient in most of these drinks, unsure of what they are consuming and how much is safe. Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks are on the rise when it comes to popularity. But how much caffeine is in a Go Fast High Octane Energy Drink? The answer is 300 mg per 16-ounce can, which is an extreme amount.

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What Are Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks?

Go Fast is a company that believes in extremes, so why shouldn’t their energy drinks? The team behind these energy drinks love going fast and living on adrenaline. The company’s website talks of skydiving, base jumping, cycling, and more. It only makes sense that they would want to create an energy drink that can keep up with their lifestyle.

The Go Fast company was established in Denver, Colorado in 1996. The goal was to offer support, and of course, energy drinks to sports enthusiasts like themselves. The team talks about avoiding the huge energy drink industry and sticking with being a lifestyle, not just a brand. For people who are active, Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks may be the right choice for you.

Caffeine Content Comparison

According to Caffeine Informer, a 16-ounce can of Go Fast High Octane Energy Drink features 300 mg of caffeine. This is an extreme amount considering the FDA suggests that a healthy adult only consumes 400 mg of caffeine per day. When compared to Go Fast’s other energy drinks this amount is almost double. Unlike many energy drinks on the market, Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks are sugar-free which is where so many issues with energy drinks come into play.

Here’s how Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks compare to other popular energy drinks on the market.

Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks 300 mg of caffeine
Bang Energy Drinks 300 mg of caffeine
Monster Energy Drinks 160 mg of caffeine
Red Bull Energy Drinks 80 mg of caffeine

Are Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks Dangerous?

The dangers of energy drinks aren’t hidden. We’ve all heard news stories or tales online concerning this. Often, these dangers come into play thanks to the caffeine inside the drink. Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant that when consumed in moderation promotes focus and energy. However, like with most things in life, too much caffeine can be dangerous.

The key to enjoying caffeine is moderation and knowing your body. If you are suffering from medical conditions or take prescription medications that can be exacerbated by caffeine, you should monitor your intake carefully. This is also true when it comes to pregnant or nursing women and children. Everyone’s tolerance for caffeine is different, however. Some people could consume energy drinks all day and never experience a problem. Others aren’t so lucky.  If you experience increased heart rate, insomnia, jitteriness, nausea, or anxiousness you should consider cutting back on the amount of caffeine you’re consuming per day.

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Final Thoughts

Go Fast High Octane Energy Drinks feature 300 mg of caffeine per can, which is extremely high. If you feel you need more energy throughout the day and this is your drink of choice, consume it carefully. One can is near the recommended caffeine intake per day so as with any energy drink, moderation is key. Pay attention to your body, especially if you are like those at Go Fast and want to live life on the edge.

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