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How Much Caffeine is in Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipops? (Surprising Facts!)

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Maple bacon lollipops are not the typical products that most people consume to get caffeine into their systems and rejuvenate their day, but they are a fascinating and unique lollipop you may want to try. It combines two of the most popular breakfast flavors, bacon and maple syrup, into a convenient sucker candy.

Since the lollipops contain caffeine, they are an excellent way to find a boost of energy that isn’t a cup of coffee or tea. In general, each of these lollipops contains around 80 mg of caffeine, but let’s look at some of the most popular brands.

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How Much Caffeine Do Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipops Contain?

Unlike the average lollipop that is produced for children, these caffeinated products are better suited for adults. But, when compared to a cup of coffee or something like dark chocolate, where do these maple bacon lollipops lie?

The answer lies somewhere in the middle since the lollipops don’t have as much caffeine as most coffee products but have more than most teas.

Caffeine Content

This table compares the companies that produce caffeinated lollipops and how much caffeine is in each. Remember that this is comparing one lollipop.

The Greenhead 80 mg per lollipop
Lollyphile 80 mg per lollipop

These are the two main brands you’ll see available online, although they aren’t always available. There may be other brands you will come across that reproduce a similar product, so it’s best to check the caffeine content before purchasing if you have any concerns.

Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop Comparison

To give you a better idea of how caffeinated maple bacon lollipops compare in caffeine content to other common food items, check out this list.

Caffeinated maple bacon lollipops 80mg of caffeine per lollipop
Iced tea 8–45mg per 8oz
Coffee 95–120mg per 8oz
Green tea 20–35mg per 8oz
Dark chocolate 12mg per 1oz
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What Exactly Is A Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop?

These caffeinated suckers are similar to other lollipop products. They are a type of candy, but what makes them unique is the flavor. The primary ingredient in the lollipops is real bacon.

Since they’re treats and not completely sweet, they might not appeal to everyone. But, for those who love the classic mix of syrup and bacon for breakfast, they’re a quick way to enjoy the cherished flavor profile. Unlike most candy suckers, however, maple bacon lollipops also contain caffeine.

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Should I Try A Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop?

If you want a fun and unique item different from most kinds of candy, it does not hurt to give one of these products a try. They are a good option if you want caffeine but feel like trying something new. However, as they are novelty products, they are harder to find than coffee and tea products, and you’ll likely have to order online.

Featured Image Credit: Brecht Deboosere, Unsplash


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