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Coffee for Hair Growth: Benefits & How to Use It

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The love of coffee goes beyond simply drinking it each morning, or throughout the day for enthusiasts. There are several theories on the benefits of coffee, along with scientific research that’s backed with facts. The tricky part is figuring out what’s true and what isn’t.

One of the most popular claims when it comes to coffee deals with your hair. For years, people have claimed that coffee can help hair growth. Here’s the question though, does it help, or is this another rumor people have started like so many we’ve heard throughout the years?

Luckily, for those who may be experiencing issues with thinning hair, it looks like coffee, or at least the caffeine inside it, may help promote regrowth and other benefits for your locks. Let’s take a more in-depth look at coffee and hair growth so you can decide whether this home remedy is what you’ve been looking for.

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The Issue of Hair Loss

Before someone can use coffee to help promote hair regrowth, hair loss is inevitable. While no one, man nor woman, wants to deal with this issue, it happens more often than any of us care to admit. As we get older, even the fullest head of hair is bound to show signs of thinning. Most of the time, this thinning of our hair, also known as male pattern baldness for the gentlemen, is caused thanks to a sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone is created when testosterone is converted by enzymes in a man’s prostate or testes, or inside a woman’s ovaries. DHT is also essential for hair growth. Just not on your head.

When DHT comes in contact with the hair follicles on your head, it may attach. It can also trigger the receptors in your hair to start minimizing the follicles. This can take place in both men and women, due to the genetics of their receptors. Within only a few short months, if your receptors are sensitive, your hair may begin to turn lighter, start thinning, soften, and eventually, disappear altogether.

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Where Coffee Comes Into Play

Luckily, for those who suffer from hair loss, studies have been conducted to determine whether coffee could help. The results are quite impressive. One such study done by the International Journal of Dermatology shows that the caffeine in coffee can be used to help block DHT in men’s hair follicles. Women with thinning hair also have reason to celebrate. The same study found that caffeine also has growth-promoting abilities when coming in contact with female hair follicles.

Other things were also discovered when studying caffeine and its ability to block DHT. As it turns out, hair shaft elongation was stimulated which provides longer, wider roots for your hair. Caffeine, due to being a natural stimulant, also helped to extend the hair growth phase and even improved blood circulation to follicles. This helps hair become stronger, grow faster, and even look fuller.

Other Benefits of Using Coffee on Your Hair

Restoring hair growth isn’t the only thing coffee does for your hair. If you have spare coffee in your pot each morning, you may want to consider using it on your hair so you can reap these benefits.

Feeling Soft and Silky

Do you struggle with dull hair that’s brittle, dry, and lifeless? If so, coffee may be the answer. Coffee contains antioxidants called flavonoids. As it turns out, these antioxidants are great for hair regeneration. By rinsing your hair with coffee you can lessen frizziness, make it smoother, and even add a bit of moisture due to coffee’s ability to help your hair retain its natural moisture and oils.

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Bye Bye Gray

For people who have brown or black hair, you understand the constant battle with gray hair as you age. Having to rush out to your local beauty store for hair dye is a never-ending issue. If you’re a coffee-lover who happens to have a bit of strong coffee brewed up around the house, those hair dye trips can be a thing of the past. Yes, rinsing your hair with strong coffee can stain your hair and cover up those grays.

Good for the Scalp

Coffee is also a great detoxifier for the hair and scalp. Using coffee as a scrub will help you free your scalp from unwanted product build-up. By doing this not only are you leaving your hair and scalp cleaner but you’re also promoting better scalp health.

How to Use Coffee on Your Hair

Using coffee to help promote hair growth, or healthier hair is easy. Before you start, ensure your coffee is completely cool. Then wash and moisturize your hair as usual. Pour your cold, brewed coffee into a spray bottle. While your hair is still wet, spray the coffee all over your hair. You will need to make sure you fully saturate each strand. Massage your scalp a bit to ensure it gets healthy benefits as well, then pop on a shower cap and let the coffee sit for roughly 20 minutes. When the time has passed, simply rinse your hair then dry and style as normal.

If you’re hoping to cover your gray using coffee, you may need to repeat these steps a few times. Keep in mind that for those with lighter-colored hair, coffee may stain your locks. If you are worried about this happening, you can find several hair care products on the market with caffeine as part of their ingredients. It may be best to use one of those instead.

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Final Thoughts on Coffee and Hair Regrowth

As you can see, coffee is beneficial when it comes to hair regrowth. The caffeine in our favorite beans not only helps block hormones that are known to cause baldness but also promotes healthier hair that is vibrant and moisturized. If you feel like you’ve been having a few too many bad hair days, perhaps a good coffee rinse is in order. It may be hard to watch your delicious brew go down the drain when you rinse your hair, but you’ll be thankful you shared a cup with your revitalized locks.

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