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Is It Safe to Drink Coffee With Adderall? What to Know!

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If you are a coffee drinker, it is unusual to have questions when it comes to your favorite cup of joe and your prescribed medications. This is especially true if the medicines you’re taking are stimulants like your coffee. One stimulant medication that many people take is Adderall. This drug is used to treat both ADHD and narcolepsy with great success but is it safe to take with your coffee?

The answer to that question isn’t simple. Yes, you can take Adderall and drink coffee, but you need to be careful. Drinking several cups of coffee with this medication can lead to side effects that can be dangerous. Let’s take a look and learn more so you can safely enjoy your favorite coffee beverage and stay healthy at the same time.

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What Is Adderall?

Before determining whether it’s safe for you to take Adderall with your coffee, it’s important to understand exactly what this drug is. The prescription medication Adderall is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

According to Medical News Today, ADHD is a disorder in which children and adults have difficulty staying focused. People who suffer from ADHD may also struggle to sit still and may react quickly in situations or be impulsive. Adderall is also used to treat a condition known as narcolepsy. This chronic sleep disorder is known to make people suffer from sudden sleep attacks or overwhelming feelings of drowsiness.

Adderall contains 2 drugs, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine, and is considered a stimulant. It comes in both oral tablet and capsule forms. Adderall is also a controlled substance which means it can cause both physical and psychological dependency for those who use it. This medication can also be misused if not taken precisely as directed by your doctor. For people suffering from ADHD, Adderall is the most commonly used drug available. It is also considered a good option for those suffering from narcolepsy due to its stimulant qualities.

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Is Adderall Dangerous?

When used as directed by a doctor, Adderall can be considered a helpful medication. Unfortunately, like most medications on the market, it does present the potential for side effects. While some of these effects are quite common like a higher heart rate, Adderall can cause more serious and even long-term effects such as heart issues, insomnia, delusions, and fatigue. Keep in mind, however, that most of these long-term or dangerous effects are more common when this drug is abused or not taken in the way prescribed by our doctor.

Adderall and Coffee

Now that you know a bit about Adderall, you may understand why people are cautious when taking this medication. As a stimulant, it naturally stimulates the body and the mind to help people focus and feel better. That sounds a little familiar, right? Of course, it does, if you’re a coffee drinker considering that’s what the caffeine in your coffee does to your body also. Caffeine is also a stimulant, like Adderall, and stimulates the central nervous system. It helps the mind to focus and “wake up.” This is where the danger comes into play. Can your mind and body be too stimulated? Well, yes, of course, it can.

When Adderall is taken with caffeine it can cause chest pain, thanks to the increased heart rate and anxiety. You may also find that Adderall’s effects, which help people with ADHD and narcolepsy may be dulled thanks to the introduction of caffeine. It is almost as if these 2 stimulants cancel one another out when caffeine is introduced in large amounts. People feel tired, and anxious, and struggle to focus. This is why it is best to lower the amount of caffeine you’re consuming when taking the prescription drug Adderall.

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Using Adderall and Caffeine Together

Can you safely take Adderall and drink your morning coffee? Yes, you can. The trick is to do it safely. For those who take Adderall daily, it’s recommended that you limit your caffeine intake. Instead of having several cups of coffee, most doctors feel it is best to stick to 1 cup, which is roughly 100 mg of caffeine. For Adderall users who only take the medication occasionally, this same advice should be followed on the days your medication is required so you receive the effects your body and mind need.

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As you can see, Adderall is a prescription medication that should only be taken under the strict supervision of a medical professional. While you don’t have to say goodbye to your morning coffee if you’re prescribed this medication, you should limit how much you drink. This will ensure you are benefitting from your prescription and doing the right thing for your health.

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