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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Succulents? What to Know!

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If you’re a die-hard gardener, you’ve probably heard the weird rumor that coffee grounds are good for your succulents. While it may seem weird, it’s entirely true. Coffee grounds are good for your succulents.

While fertilizer isn’t a necessary component to make your succulents grow, coffee grounds make excellent fertilizer if you want to use it. However, as with anything, there are limits to what coffee grounds can do for succulents and limits to where you should use them.

In this blog, we’ll discuss coffee grounds and succulents in greater detail.

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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Succulents?

Yes, coffee grounds are good for succulents, but not all succulents. While you can put coffee grounds directly on the soil in the garden for your outdoor succulents, you should not use them for your succulents that are in pots on the inside of your home. For the outside succulents, the coffee grounds break down and add nitrogen to the soil. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient needed for your succulents to thrive.

Not only do they provide nutrients for your plants, but the grounds improve drainage, aerate your soil, and even help to keep pests from invading your garden and eating your succulents. They’ve also been rumored to help with weed control.

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Only Use Diluted Coffee on Potted Succulents

The tiny succulents you grow indoors in a pot aren’t big enough to absorb the microbes from the coffee, so it’s best to use diluted coffee instead. Once the coffee is made, let it cool a bit, then pour it into the soil of your succulent pot. Your potted succulents will love it, and it won’t be too strong for them.

Use Only Brewed Coffee Grounds in Your Outdoor Succulent Garden

As previously stated, you can use coffee grounds for your outdoor succulent garden with great success. The coffee grounds will keep the garden healthy and the flowers gorgeous.

However, it is essential to remember to use only brewed coffee grounds for your garden. Unbrewed coffee grounds contain a lot of caffeine. For the best results, use light-brewed coffee grounds because the high amount of caffeine isn’t good for your succulents.

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Image Credit: DGLimages, Shutterstock

Tips for Using Coffee Grounds in Your Succulent Garden

Now that you know coffee grounds are suitable for your succulents, we’ll give you some tips on how to use them for your succulent garden.

Don’t Overwater

It’s important to avoid overwatering your succulents when you use coffee grinds as fertilizer. Too much water dilutes the coffee grounds making them ineffective, and can also cause root rot, something you don’t want to deal with. Instead, water your succulents one to two days a week or when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Use the Right Soil

If you’re going to use coffee grounds for succulents, it’s essential to use the proper soil as well. It should be a mixture of compost and soil that drains fast for the best results.

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Final Thoughts

In answer to the question, “Are coffee grounds good for succulents,” the answer is yes. However, there are a few tips you should follow, and you should never use the same coffee grounds in your indoor succulents.

If you want your succulents to be healthy, gorgeous, and the envy of the neighborhood, then coffee grounds can help you achieve that effect if you use them the right way.

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