How Long to Percolate Coffee (Expert Tips)

Coffee percolator

Percolators have been around for over 100 years, producing bold coffee in just a few minutes. They offer a lot of advantages, like being inexpensive and easy to use everywhere from stovetops to campfires. But if you’re not careful, you can easily end up over- or under-extracting your percolator coffee, resulting in a cup of […]

All About Haitian Coffee

Haiti Coffee

Coffee is a multi-billion-dollar industry, countries competing to be the best exporter of the beloved coffee bean. While Brazil has been the king of coffee production, plenty of other countries could take over, or back, that title. At one point in history, Haiti was the dominant force in coffee production. Today, coffee has deep roots […]

Cheapest Way to Make Coffee: Brewing on a Budget

pouring water over coffee grounds_patrick t power_shutterstock

Coffee is one of those indulgences that can get as expensive as you let it, and that means that sometimes it can seem like you have to buy a lot of fancy gear and gadgets if you want to make great coffee. In reality, you don’t need much to make excellent coffee at home, even […]

6 Best Trader Joe’s Coffees to Try Today (Reviewed & Ranked)


We love Trader Joe’s and routinely get lost wandering the aisles, marveling at all the wonderful snacks and goodies they have. Their prices are fair – especially considering the quality you get – and the variety they carry is impressive. Luckily, their coffee selection follows suit. You can regularly find a nice selection of coffee […]

How Many Shots of Espresso in a Venti?

Venti Starbucks cups

When you order a Venti drink at Starbucks, you may think you’re getting extra caffeine. The barista has to be putting something in that huge cup, after all, and an extra shot or three of espresso would certainly fit. But are you really getting more caffeine when you size up? We’re taking a close look […]

When is National Coffee Day? Celebrate Your Favorite Drink

when is national coffee day

National Coffee Day is an exciting day for coffee lovers everywhere. You get to celebrate your favorite obsession (er, drink), enter contests, and get all kinds of tasty freebies. Who doesn’t want more free coffee? But to get your celebration on, you’ll need to know exactly which day is party day. Is it the same […]

How is Instant Coffee Made? The Science Behind the Magic

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is undeniably convenient. Boil water, toss in a few coffee granules and stir. Voila, a cup of coffee! It’s a rare combination of affordability and ease of brewing. But how are those magical granules made — and is there any real coffee involved? To answer these questions, we dove into the world of […]

6 Delicious Cold Brew Cocktail Recipes

Cold Brew Cocktail

Cold brew coffee is all the rage these days, and if you haven’t climbed aboard the cold brew train, you’re missing out. It’s naturally chocolatey and sweet because of the long, low-temperature brewing method, making it perfect for drinking black. Even if you’re an old cold brew pro, we’re willing to bet that you haven’t […]

What is a Double Espresso?

double espresso

You may know what an espresso is, but do you know what a double espresso is? How many ounces is a double, how much caffeine does it have, and what’s the best way to order? We’ll answer all of these questions and more — so keep reading to learn all about double shot espresso. What’s […]

How to Make a Mardi Gras King Cake Latte (Delicious Recipe)

chai latte

Want to celebrate Mardi Gras without having to fly to New Orleans? Beignets and chicory coffee may be good enough for a regular Tuesday, but for Fat Tuesday, you’ll need something a little more special. That’s where this king cake latte recipe comes in! It’s easy, delicious, and incredibly festive. Fat Tuesday is on February […]