How Much Coffee is Too Much?

death by coffee caffeine overdose

Most of us discovered as children that you can have too much of a good thing. Overloading on candy and ice cream might seem like a good idea, but the stomach ache that comes later suggests otherwise. Sadly, coffee falls into this category, too. It is possible to have too much — but how much […]

How to Make Coffee Lemonade (Refreshing & Easy!)

coffee lemonade

On a hot summer day, all you want is an ice-cold lemonade. But what if that refreshing drink was also caffeinated? Enter the unbelievably tasty iced coffee lemonade! This drink is popular in Sweden (where it’s called kaffelemonad), but you can make it at home quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn how to make […]

Does a Cappuccino Have Caffeine?

When you’re perusing the menu at your local coffee shop, there are a lot of great options. Should you try the cold brew, stick with a classic latte, or opt for a flat white? If you’re a particular fan of the velvety, rich cappuccino, you may have a question: does a cappuccino have caffeine? Cappuccinos […]

Is Coffee a Fruit? You’ll Be Amazed

coffee-roast beans pixabay

The difference between fruits and vegetables may seem like kindergarten material, but it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. Tomatoes, zucchinis, and peppers are all fruits! And as you enjoy your morning cup of joe, you may wonder: is coffee a fruit? The answer — surprisingly — is kind of yes. Coffee beans […]

The Surprising History of Coffee Houses

coffee house history

Coffee houses are a staple of modern society, and given how long coffee has been a popular beverage all around the world, we often take for granted that coffee houses have always been around. While they have persisted through history for hundreds of years, they certainly weren’t always as prevalent — or legal — as […]

Cool Coffee Innovations: Roast-Specific Coffee Filters

Coffee filter substitutes

Paper coffee filters are crucial for pour-over coffee brewing. But how often do you think about the design of that filter? Many of us buy the filters designed for our brewers without giving it a second thought. But what if your coffee filters were designed to enhance the roast-specific flavors of your coffee beans? Japanese […]

How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee

Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee is all the rage this year, with its distinctive fluffy topping featured in countless TikTok videos. Unless you’re in a Korean coffee shop, you might have a hard time tasting dalgona coffee — unless you try whipping it up (see what we did there?) at home. Unfortunately, most whipped coffee recipes require you […]

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: Which is Better?

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go

Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of AeroPress or you’re curious about the latest model, we have all of the details you’re looking for. Both AeroPress brewers brew well and come with a lot of pieces — but is the Go an improvement on the original? Some — but not all — coffee lovers […]

Coffee Shops Make You More Productive & Creative

coffee-shop-pixabay (2)

The biggest benefit of going to a great coffee shop isn’t the coffee at all — not even that perfectly pulled ristretto shot of espresso. Coffee shops can make you more productive and more creative than you’d be at home, caffeinated or not. Keep reading to learn about the interesting research being done around coffee […]

How Long to Steep Cold Brew (Expert Tips)

Cold brew

Making cold brew is a pretty hands-off process: just mix coarsely ground coffee beans and cold water and wait a while. But how long is a while, and how does the steeping time affect the finished cold brew? We’re taking a closer look at how long to steep cold brew, including what to expect from […]