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How Much Caffeine Is in Chick-fil-A Iced Coffee? 2024 Guide

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Caffeine (serving: 20 fl oz)
100 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast-food chicken restaurants in the United States, with many establishments having long lines at the drive-thru and inside the building. It has more on its menu besides chicken, and a favorite item is the cold-brewed iced coffee. Many people wonder how much caffeine it contains. The short answer is that the large 20-oz serving has about 100 milligrams (mg) mg of caffeine, but keep reading as we look into how that compares to other beverages and discuss how much caffeine is safe.

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How Much Caffeine Is in Chick-fil-A Iced Coffee?

Chick-fil-A offers customers two sizes of its cold-brewed iced coffee. The smaller size is 16 ounces, and the larger is 20 ounces. The 20-ounce cup has about 100 mg of caffeine, meaning there is roughly 5 mg per ounce, and the 16-ounce cup has about 80 mg of caffeine.

Serving Size In Ounces Caffeine Content In Milligrams
16 80
20 100

How Much Caffeine Do Other Beverages Contain?

An average 8-ounce cup of morning coffee made using a traditional drip brew usually contains between 90 mg and 140 mg of caffeine, which is considerably higher than what you’ll find in a Chick-fil-A iced coffee. This amount breaks down to between 11 mg and 18 mg per ounce. Black tea is a little closer, with 47 mg in an 8-ounce cup, which works out to almost 6 mg per ounce. Green tea is weaker, with 28 mg per 8-ounce cup, which works out to 3.5 mg per ounce.

Beverage Serving Size in Ounces Total Caffeine in Milligrams Caffeine per Ounce
Chick-fil-A 20 100 5
Coffee 8 90–140 11–18
Black Tea 8 47 6
Green Tea 8 28 3.5

How Does the Caffeine in Chick-fil-A Iced Coffee Compare to Other Coffee Chain Beverages?


The caffeine in Chick-fil-A Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee is much less than what you’ll find in other establishments. For instance, the 20-ounce Pike Place Brew coffee at Starbucks has 410 mg of caffeine, while the Blonde Roast has 475 mg. Most of the lattes and macchiatos also contain more caffeine than what’s in a Chick-fil-A Iced Coffee.


While most of the beverages at Dunkin’ have less caffeine than those at Starbucks, they still contain more than what you’ll find in a Chick-fil-A Iced Coffee. For instance, its 20-oz regular coffee contains 300 mg of caffeine, and the extra-charged version has 360 mg. Many of the lattes and macchiatos also contain more caffeine than what you’ll find at Chick-fil-A.

Beverage Serving Size In Ounces Total Caffeine In Milligrams
Chick-fil-A Iced Coffee 20 100
Starbucks Pike Place Brew 20 410
Dunkin Regular 20 300

How Much Caffeine Is Safe?

To prevent problems with your health, like nervousness, tremors, high blood pressure, and even kidney stones, most experts recommend limiting your caffeine intact to less than 400 mg per day. However, many people can experience problems consuming less if they are sensitive to caffeine or not accustomed to drinking it. These people can experience difficulty sleeping and irritability even when consuming coffee long before bedtime.

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A Chick-fil-A Cold Brewed Iced Coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine in a 20-ounce serving and only about 80 mg in a 16-ounce serving. It can vary slightly from cup to cup, depending on the brewing conditions and how long it sits. However, the caffeine content is much lower than in other similarly sized coffee beverages, so it’s safe to consume even two or three in a single day. It also tastes great, so enjoy!

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