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Does the Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso? What to Know!

Ninja Coffee Bar coffee brewing

The Ninja Coffee Bar is an impressive coffee maker. At the touch of a button, you can make all kinds of drinks and coffee strength levels. But can the Ninja Coffee Bar make espresso?

We’re here to answer that question today — and offer a few suggestions! There’s no point drinking coffee you don’t love.

The Short Answer
No, the Ninja Coffee Bar doesn’t make true espresso. But it does make a rich coffee concentrate that can be a good substitute for espresso in homemade lattes, cappuccinos, and more!

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What’s the Ninja Coffee Bar?

Ninja Coffee Bar front

The Ninja Coffee Bar is a large drip coffee maker capable of brewing several kinds of coffee. There are six brew sizes, from cup to carafe, and you can brew specifically for over ice, concentrated, and strong coffee. You can delay the brew or keep your coffee hot on a hot plate, and there’s even a self-cleaning feature! Plus, you’ll find a milk steamer wand tucked into the device’s side.

Does the Ninja Coffee Bar make espresso?

The Ninja Coffee Bar isn’t an espresso machine, so you won’t get authentic espresso from it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make a latte! The smallest brew size on a Ninja Coffee Bar is 4 ounces, whereas a shot of espresso is typically 1 ounce. You can get that by pushing the “Specialty Concentrated” button. This setting makes an extra-concentrated cup of coffee perfect for an espresso-like drink.

Ninja Coffee Bar carafe

Of course, this concentrated coffee won’t taste exactly like a shot of espresso, and it won’t have that famous foamy crema on top. Espresso is the result of highly pressurized hot water flowing through tightly packed, finely ground coffee — and no drip machine can replicate that. Your Ninja Coffee Bar concentrate will be closer to the coffee from a Moka pot or AeroPress: strong, delicious, but not quite espresso.

What can you make with the Ninja Coffee Bar?

Ninja Coffee Bar brewing

You can make everything from mocha lattes to Vietnamese coffee using the Coffee Bar! All of those different brew strength and size settings really come in handy. Ready to start brewing? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Ninja Coffee Bar recipes.

Want to make true espresso?

Image Credit: Chase Eggenberger, Unsplash

Sometimes, only real espresso will do. If you love the rich complexity of a great shot of espresso, you may want to invest in a full espresso machine. There are options for every budget — you don’t have to buy a pricey Italian espresso machine — and some are even portable!

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The Bottom Line

So what’s the bottom line? If you want strong coffee to mix into your homemade lattes, cocktails, or smoothies, the Ninja Coffee Bar could be perfect for you. But if you’re looking for true espresso, you’ll probably want to buy an espresso machine. Either way, we hope you enjoy your coffee!



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