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Cold Brew Cereal? A Caffeinated New Twist on Breakfast!

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There’s a new product on the loose, and this one’s equal parts intriguing and confounding. A company called OffLimits is offering cereal with a twist. What is the twist? This cereal claims to turn the milk in your cereal bowl into a cold brew.

If you’ve ever looked at your morning bowl of cereal and wondered why it couldn’t be your coffee, too, this company is exactly on your wavelength. We took a closer look at this fascinating cereal, the company, and whether your milk will become cold brew!

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What’s this cereal all about?

The cereal, called Dash Coffee & Cocoa, is made with cocoa powder and micro-roasted coffee from the legendary coffee company Intelligentsia. The cocoa puffs also contain oats, rice, and coconut flour. But what’s different about this coffee-and-chocolate cereal? According to the company, when you pour this cereal into milk, it turns the milk into a milky cold brew. If you’re as much of a cold brew fiend as we are, this probably sounds amazing.

How much caffeine?

How much caffeine can you expect in your bowl? Here’s where the idea that your milk has truly become cold brew starts to fall apart. According to the company website, there are 15 milligrams of caffeine in a serving of Dash cereal. If you were drinking a cup of cold brew alongside your morning bowl, you’d consume about 150 milligrams of caffeine — which is ten times more!

Is it really cold brew?

So is this cereal really turning your milk into cold brew? Cold brew is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water for about 18 hours. The coffee made by this cereal is more like instant coffee — stirring very finely ground coffee beans into milk. You won’t get much caffeine, and you probably won’t get a strong coffee flavor, either.

That doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! But we’re still going to brew a cup of coffee to go along with breakfast — for now, at least.

More About the Company

What else makes this company unusual? All of OffLimits’ cereal is vegan, organic, and gluten-free. Plus, the company has a fun vibe, with cartoon characters for each type of cereal and a goofy website. You can message Dash, the “over-achieving basic bunny,” sign up for “updates from our emotionally unstable cartoons,” or get 0% off your order via a popup.

Looking for something a little more relaxing? OffLimits also sells a decaf cereal called Zombie. This one is made with pandan, a Southeast Asian plant with a nutty vanilla flavor. It contains adaptogens, which are herbs thought by some to help reduce stress.

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Cold Brew Cereal: The Bottom Line

Our conclusion? This cereal may be tasty, but it’s not the world’s easiest way to make cold brew. OffLimits’ Dash cereal has chocolate and coffee flavors, along with being gluten-free, vegan, and organic. But it won’t whip up a batch of cold brew! For that, we recommend making a small investment in a well-designed cold brew maker. That way, you can enjoy a bowl of cereal and a mellow, well-caffeinated cup of coffee at the same time.


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