How to Make Coffee Lemonade (Refreshing & Easy!)

coffee lemonade

On a hot summer day, all you want is an ice-cold lemonade. But what if that refreshing drink was also caffeinated? Enter the unbelievably tasty iced coffee lemonade! This drink is popular in Sweden (where it’s called kaffelemonad), but you can make it at home quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn how to make […]

How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee

Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee is all the rage this year, with its distinctive fluffy topping featured in countless TikTok videos. Unless you’re in a Korean coffee shop, you might have a hard time tasting dalgona coffee — unless you try whipping it up (see what we did there?) at home. Unfortunately, most whipped coffee recipes require you […]

How to Make Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (Tasty & Easy)

The slogan is “America runs on Dunkin,” and for a lot of us, that’s true! But if you don’t want to run out to the coffee shop, can you still get your iced coffee fix? You certainly can, with just a few basic ingredients and coffee tools. Here’s how to make Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee […]

How to Make a Flat White Coffee (Simple Steps)

Flat white

If you’re growing tired of your usual cappuccino or latte and are looking for a different espresso drink to spice things up, the flat white might do the trick. The flat white is the lesser-known, less milky cousin to the latte and is a great choice for people who love the smooth texture of frothed […]

Keurig Iced Caramel Macchiato Recipe (Delicious!)

Caramel Machiatto

The Caramel Macchiato is a classic coffee house drink, famed for the caramel and vanilla flavors combined with espresso. While coffee shops and chains are tasty and convenient, they’re so expensive compared to making coffee at home. With a few ingredients from your local grocery store and your Keurig, you can make a flavorful macchiato […]

6 Delicious Vegan Coffee Recipes

2 cups of coffee

There are many things non-vegans take for granted that make eating and drinking out difficult for vegans. A surprising number of seemingly vegan meals and beverages actually turn out to contain non-vegan ingredients. Luckily, coffee is one arena where vegans are on a level playing field. There are tons of creative – and delicious – […]

Café Au Lait Recipe (With Tasty Variations)

Café Au Lait in green mug

The Café Au Lait is a popular drink worldwide, with dozens of traditional variations that depend on the location. The French version differs from the New Orleans version, with even smaller variations between European and American regions. It’s a great drink that can either be light in flavor or have a bitter taste, depending on […]

Mexican Mocha Recipe: 5 Simple Steps

mexican mocha-pixabay

Black coffee, a shot of espresso, cappuccinos, lattes…they’re all delicious, but sometimes you feel the need to make something truly spectacular and unique to elevate your coffee experience. That’s where the Mexican mocha comes in! Also called the Mexican hot chocolate, this hot coffee concoction includes spices and a little bit of heat to create […]

How to Make Coffee Tonic (Refreshing & Tasty!)


There’s a new coffee beverage that’s trending in the world of caffeine right now, and we couldn’t be happier about it: coffee and tonic water. Cafes and roasteries all around the United States and beyond are offering “coffee tonic,” which is a mixture of some kind of coffee — usually espresso or cold brew — […]

How to Make a Coffee Martini (Recipe & Pictures)

coffee cocktail martini

It’s hard to imagine making coffee more delicious than it is by itself. Still, we’ve been trying out different coffee cocktail recipes, and the coffee martini has quickly become one of our favorites! It combines the robust and delicious flavors of coffee, the smoothness of vodka, and the eloquence of drinking a perfectly concocted cocktail. […]