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Can You Put Cacao Powder in Coffee? Tasty Flavor Tips!

cacao powder

The cacao plant is quite versatile and extremely nutrient-dense, offering many ways to increase wellness and energy. Many products come from the cacao plant, including cocoa powder and cacao powder. While cocoa powder is the more popular of the two, cacao powder is the healthier version. It is also the latest hot topic in the health industry and many people are adding it to coffee. But can you put cacao powder in coffee and is it safe?

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Is it Safe to Add Cacao Powder to Coffee?

Yes, you can safely add cacao powder to coffee. It is a powerhouse of a supplement and will give your morning coffee a mocha flavor, so it’s a win-win situation. If you’re looking to flavor coffee without sugary syrup or you need some extra minerals, try adding cacao powder to your morning cup. For best results, make sure that your cacao powder is USDA-grade, organic cacao powder to ensure its quality and processing. Check out our recipes below for some cacao coffee, as well as a way to swap coffee out entirely.

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What is Cacao Powder?

Cacao powder is a powdery substance that comes from raw, fermented cacao beans, cold-pressed into a powder form with the fats removed. It’s got a complex mocha flavor that falls on the bitter side, comparable to extreme dark chocolate. Cacao powder is bitter due to the surprising number of vitamins it contains, as well as the fact that it’s processed as minimally as possible.

Cacao Powder vs Cocoa Powder

Cacao powder and cocoa powder are different products, but they’re both from the cacao plant. The main difference between the two is the processing, which is very minimal with cacao powder. As for cocoa powder, it’s much more processed and at higher temperatures. Although flavor-wise they’re similar, the bitterness is not as apparent in cocoa powder but loses a decent amount of nutrients from the heat. If health is your reason to turn to the cacao plant, cacao powder is a better option than cocoa powder.

Benefits of Cacao Powder

Many people praise cacao powder for its health benefits, both currently and many times in history. Mixed with other natural supplements, cacao is a powerhouse that could potentially boost your overall wellness. Here are some health benefits that cacao powder may bring:

Lower Blood Pressure

Cacao powder could help lower your blood pressure, due to the flavonoids that cacao powder naturally contains. If you have blood pressure problems, adding cacao powder or swapping out cacao for coffee may help reduce your overall blood pressure.

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Contains a Surplus of Vitamins and Minerals

Cacao beans and cacao powder contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, amino acids, calcium, and magnesium. Taking cacao powder daily could help you raise your vitamin levels if you’re deficient, especially in magnesium and iron.

Reduces Inflammation

Cacao powder contains polyphenols that can help reduce inflammation, a common yet damaging health condition with long-term side effects. Thankfully, polyphenols are naturally in cacao powder, cocoa, fruit, and even wine, so it’s fairly easy to take them every day.

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How to Add Cacao Powder to your Coffee

Cacao powder is easy to add to coffee while providing so much in return. Here are our favorite ways to add cacao powder to your coffee:

Black Coffee
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For Single Cup

  1. Brew your coffee as you would normally.
  2. Add around 1tsp of cacao powder to your coffee mug. Add more or less to taste.
  3. Slowly add some coffee and stir, making a slightly runny paste. This prevents it from clumping up.
  4. While softly stirring, add more coffee. Once the cacao powder is fully mixed in, add creamer or sugar if desired.
For Cold Brew
  1. Heat up around ¼ cup of cold brew, being careful not to boil it. Then follow steps 2 and 3.
  2. Make your preferred cold brew ratio in a glass with no ice (5:1 water and coffee will work).
  3. Slowly incorporate the cacao and coffee mix, stirring until everything is mixed together. Pour over ice, then add creamer or anything else you normally put in coffee.

Cacao as an Alternative to Coffee?

While coffee is amazing and there are many benefits to it, sometimes we can overdo the caffeine. Although it’s more like a hot cocoa type of drink, you can easily swap out coffee with cacao powder. Heat milk and a pinch of sugar and salt, then add cacao powder. It’s got a similar bitterness to coffee, but with its own unique flavor profile. However, it’s not for everyone and some people prefer adding to coffee instead of swapping it.

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Cacao Powder & Coffee: Conclusion

Cacao powder isn’t just useful while baking, it can be a great addition to your morning brew. There are many reasons to try cacao powder in your coffee, especially if you’re looking for a quick health boost. Make sure to buy organic, raw, cocoa powder, which has the best flavor and nutritional benefits. Although it has a unique taste that may take getting used to, your body will thank you for the extra vitamins and minerals.

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